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The FOCAL International Awards 2011

Winners in the world's leading and most complete set of awards for the archive footage industry! 


The FOCAL International Awards 2011 in association with AP Archive were presented 11th May 2011 at the Lancaster London Hotel, London by Greg Dyke, Patron FOCAL International.

And the final nominations are.....

  • AWARD:

  • AP Archive

  • Sponsored by: AP Archive

    Ap Archive offers exclusive and iconic footage, ranging from the JFK assassination to the attacks of 9/11, the Concorde and Comoros crashes, the 2004 Tsunami and the fall of Saddam. Their 17 partners include ABC News, Australian Broadcasting and CCTV (China). Over 3000 entertainment stories are added each year to the collection and can meet all requirements for celebrity footage.
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Elizabeth Klinck

Researcher   |   Canada

  • Reel Injun
  • Force of Nature
  • Still Rowdy After All These Years

Elizabeth Klinck's contribution as a visual archivist was outstanding. She sourced historically accurate imagery for events spanning 8 decades, unearthing material that covered major events in the history of the 20th century: the bombing of Pearl Harbour, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam, the civil rights movement and the environmental movement. She was not only highly knowledgeable of history, but showed an uncanny ability to source footage of events that took place in obscure and remote locations – such as civil rights campaigns in the “secret city” of Oakridges, Tennessee and First Nations sovereignty campaigns in remote island communities in the Pacific northwest. Janice Tufford, Producer, Force of Nature, Legacy Lecture Productions Ltd,/ E1 Productions

Jacqui Edwards

Freelance Archive Producer   |   UK

  • 9/11: State of Emergency
  • The Flaw
  • Ten Ways To Kill Bin Laden

Jacqui Edwards' vision and talent were key to making 'State of Emergency' so compelling. Archive drives the film, giving it an immediacy that is still shocking. It was a tough project to work on; you never become immune to some of the images of 9/11 and Jacqui has seen more than most. She worked tirelessly gathering footage, stills and audio from a vast array of sources. She tracked down private individuals who she persuaded to supply material, which, given the delicate nature of the subject required tenacity and sensitivity. Jacqui had a terrific impact on the stories we told and how they were visualised. She brought everything together, often to ridiculous deadlines, and always after thorough research and with an awareness of budget. Post-production was brutal but she guided us through, managing material from dozens of sources on many different formats. It's the most complicated archive film I've ever worked on, without Jacqui it would not have happened. Richard Bedser, Senior Producer: 9/11 State of Emergency, Nutopia

Paul Bell

Archive Producer & Researcher   |   UK

  • Senna
  • Life in a Day
  • 'Project' Magazine

Paul's contribution to SENNA was invaluable, not only creatively but logistically too. The film was made entirely from archive footage, much of it never seen before and over two years, Paul, who was in charge of a team of researchers around the world, patiently and professionally assembled a unique collection of archive that allowed us to create an equally unique, exciting and emotional film.As a director working without a camera, I was reliant upon Paul not just finding the key factual moments but shots that would bring depth, emotion and beauty to the story and he did both magnificently. Asif Kapadia, Film Director, Working Title Films (for Senna)

Phil Clark

Assistant Producer, BBC   |   UK

  • Great British Outdoors
  • Blackpool On Film
  • Paws, Claws and Videotape

Phil's forensic attention to detail comes with an imaginative, creative flair. He can turn his hand to any subject and the end result is always surprising, meticulous and with a sly sense of fun. His eye for the great piece of archive is unmatched. Go the extra mile? That's a given. He's always unearthing hidden gems. It's his passion and that enthusiasm translates itself into wonderful material for our programmes. Every piece he finds tells a story. His other essential skill is in negotiating the complex world of contracts and clearances. He's a hidden gem himself. He should be recognised. Caroline Wright, Executive Editor, BBC Entertainment

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On the Night...

Sue Malden, FOCAL International Chair

Jenny Coan, Clips and Footage winning the Library Employee of the Year Award

Mila Turajlic winning the Award for Best Use of Footage in an Arts Production for Cinema Komunisto

Elizabeth Klinck winning an Award for Best use of Footage in a Factual Production for Reel Injun

Alison Mercer winning the Library of the Year for Clips and Footage

John Herron winning the Lifetime Achievement Award

FOCAL International Awards

FOCAL International Lifetime Achievement Award

The stage

L-R Julie Lewis, FOCAL International with Larry McKinna, Lifetime Achievement Award Winner 2007

AP Archive team

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FOCAL International Awards 2011 Keynote Speech by Greg Dyke