Zadig Productions   |   France

This photograph was taken one year before the fall of the Berlin wall, during a clandestine meeting in a undisclosed location deep in the woods, at the border between Poland and Czechoslovakia. Among those who attended this meeting, Czech and Polish political opponents to the communist regimes ruling their countries. The members of this "generation of democratic conspiracy were called dissidents. Number of archives that I can qualify as extraordinary. I do not pretend that these archives have never been viewed. Some images of the Polish secret police (UB) showing some of the dissidents being tailed have already been shown on Polish television; the same applies to other Czech archives showing the interception of a van transporting underground literature: one can see the van being completely disassembled, as well as the interrogatory of the "smugglers. But the idea of editing these images and gathering them in the same film is absolutely exciting and I'm sure will attest, as it is rarely the case, of this atmosphere of repression against which the dissidents have had to fight.