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The FOCAL International Awards 2012

The FOCAL International Awards 2012 in association with AP Archive
Sparkling Awards Ceremony was held 2nd May, 2012, in London, hosted by journalist and broadcaster John Sergeant


Since these awards began 9 years ago, they have fast become the world's leading and most complete set of awards for the archive footage business giving a unique opportunity to support and honour the very best in the world of footage - the professional researchers who access the material, the technicians who care for its physical maintenance and the producers who use it in such a variety of exciting, moving and stimulating ways. See Press Release


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  • BBC Motion Gallery

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    BBC Motion Gallery, the clip licensing arm of BBC Worldwide, offers creative professionals immediate access to the world's most comprehensive collection of unique, high-quality motion imagery and unparalleled HD content for licensing worldwide. The BBC archive is one of the largest and most respected collections in the world, showcasing the best of BBC programming and news from the last 70 years. Highlights include the BBC Natural History Unit's award-winning output, location coverage of global cultures, innovative history, music and arts programming, expert-led science programmes, BBC Sport and BBC News. In addition, BBC Motion Gallery represents the CBS News Archive, NHK, ABC and CCTV. Through our partnership with Thought Equity Motion, we also offer content from a range of specialist collections including National Geographic, HBO Archives, Smithsonian Channel, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures and MGM Studios. Visit for instant access to thousands of extraordinary clips. Perfect for use in TV programming, feature films, commercials, corporate videos, education, online platforms and mobile devices. More content can be accessed from our offline archive and expert research is available free of charge.
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    ITN Source - a world leader in the supply of archive footage Find the footage you need. ITN Source provides quality global content from partners around the world, captured since 1896. We have it all: international news and events, entertainment, historic newsreels, wildlife, celebrities, sports, documentaries, stock footage and more. Start your search nowâĦ preview, order and download at
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    FremantleMedia Enterprises (FME) is the brand extension arm of FremantleMedia, offering a one-stop-shop for all licensing, distribution and home entertainment around the world. FME's Archive division is one of the world's greatest and diverse Television and Film libraries, holding a vast and diverse collection of popular Light Entertainment, Game Shows, Dramas, Current Affairs, News, Documentaries and Children's programming.
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9/11 Emergency Room

Testimony Films   |   UK

  • Steve Humphries
  • Peter Vance, Lizi Cosslett, Andy Attenburrow & Dave Long
  • ITN Source, BBC Motion Gallery/CBS, NBC Universal Archives, Fox Television Stations Inc, AP Archive

Using remarkable previously unseen archive footage and photographs, this film tells the inspirational story of the emergency medical response which saved thousands of lives on 9/11. The documentary focuses on the response of the small Downtown Community Hospital in the shadow of the twin towers and the heroic efforts of its paramedics, nurses and doctors. We see many of those we interview - both victims and medics- in the archive, which is seamlessly interwoven with their stories. The footage was meticulously pieced together over an 18 month period from hundreds of hours of rushes shot on the streets surrounding the World Trade Centre, in hospital wards and in the operating theatres. This film reveals the extraordinary efforts and self sacrifice of New York medics - some of whom died - as they battled to save lives.

This is the first time the extraordinary and inspirational story of 9/11 ER has been told. The emergency medical response on the day of 9./11 is brought to life with images - many of which have never been seen before - of paramedics, doctors, nurses and the men and women whose lives they were trying to save. Throughout we match up actual interviewees with images of them on the day, Much of the footage we use is from non briadcast rushes taken on the day or of video recordings and photographs taken by medics themselves.

Bernadette: Notes On A Political Journey

Digital Quilts   |   Ireland

  • Lelia Doolan
  • Lelia Doolan, Deirdre Learmont, Gordon Bruic
  • RTE, BBC Motion Gallery, ITN Source, ABCNews VideoSource, Pathe Gaumont

Bernadette Devlin McAliskey is the youngest woman ever elected to the UK Parliament. She was 21 years old at the time in 1969. For the past 40 years she has been a champion for civil rights and social justice. She was jailed for her part in the Battle of the Bogside, hit Home Secretary Reginald Maudling in the House of Commons after Bloody Sunday, survived an assassination attempt on herself and her husband and now runs a cross-community action association (STEP) in her home county of Tyrone. The documentary portrait weaves archive and interview footage in what one reviewer called "a gem of film history".

Archive footage is intrinsic to this piece of work. It illuminates an intensely contentious period of history - and gives authenticity to the contemporary reflections from Bernadette herself. These are eloquent, humorous and relevant,not only to the years of conflict, but to the state of world politics and activism today.

Blacks of France from 1889 to the Present (Noirs de France)

Compagnie Phares et Balises   |   France

  • Jean Labib and Anne Labro
  • Juan Gelas
  • Pascal Blanchard and Juan Gelas
  • Mathilde Guinard and Groupe de recherche ACHAC
  • INA, Gaumont Path√ɬ© Archives, ECPAD, Atelier des Archives, Films Lumi√ɬ®reAssociation Freres Lumiere, La Camera Stylo

From 1889 to the present - 130 years of shared history. This three-part documentary film weaves together many archives and new testimonies to tell us about contemporary French black history over 130 years. This film gives a voice to both the protagonists and the heirs of this history and relays the building of a French Black identity. An old history, a presence which becomes visible with the 1889 World's Fair. A story illustrated with archive footage which goes through two World wars, the colonial period, the Independencies, and the time of the migrations from the West Indies and Africa, but also from the Indian Ocean, New Caledonia, and from the African American influence since the Interwar period.

Entertaining The Troops

BBC Entertainment   |   UK

  • Alexandra Briscoe
  • Rory Sheehan
  • IWM, British Movietonews, British Pathe, NFBC, ITN Source

During World War Two an army of performers from ballerinas to magicians, contortionists to impressionists, set out to help win the war by entertaining the troops far and wide. Risking their lives they ventured into war zones, dodging explosions and performing close to enemy lines. Featuring the memories of this intrepid band of entertainers and with contributions from Dame Vera Lynn, Eric Sykes and Tony Benn, this documentary tells the remarkable story of the World War Two performers and hears the memories of some of those troops who were entertained during the dark days of war.

This story of wartime entertainment presented a challenge in a number of respects. Most particularly, how can you illustrate the personal with the universal? Rory's sharp eye for the right shot, combined with an editorial grasp of the programme, gave the programme a fluent immediacy which reached into the heart.

Lost and Found: Nazi Wolframite

SIC - Sociedade Independente de Comunica√ɬß√ɬ£o   |   Portugal

  • Diana Matias
  • Amelia Moura Ramos
  • Am√ɬ©lia Moura Ramos
  • SIC Archive, Private collection of Jo√ɬ£o Pinho de Freitas

In 1942, Antonio Pinho Freitas was a Guarda Nacional Republicana (GNR) superintendent in Aveiro. Once a month, he would travel on horseback to Rio de Frades, a village in the middle of the Serra da Freita mountain range, in Arouca. He would go there to make sure none of the men in GNR's Rio de Frades military detachment deserted to join the wolframite rush and make money fast. In Arouca, at the wolframite mines, it was the German and the English who extracted the ore to strengthen their weaponry. The Rio de Frades mine, explored by the Germans, and the Regoufe mine, explored by the English, merely five kilometres apart, were symbolic not because of their intense activity but because, for five years, opposing sides lived in peace in a forgotten place in Portugal in order to wage war throughout Europe. Curious and aware of the importance of that moment, the GNR superintendent left a unique piece of evidence of those days: a fourteen-minute film he shot at the German mine with thousands of Portuguese villagers working for the Nazi war effort. That film takes this edition of "Perdidos e Achados" back to 1942.

Portugal was a neutral country during the Second World War. It maintained relations with both sides of the conflict. In those days tungsten (wolframite) was an important resource with which Portugal was blessed, in large quantities. At a time when exports from Asia were small due to the war, the value of this mineral reached record highs. Being a poor country in natural resources, Portugal and the government of Antonio Salazar sold Tungsten to the allies and also to Nazi Germany. Between 1940 and 1944 the town of Arouca was the only place where the British and the Germans lived peacefully side by side. The Germans mined the area around Rio de Frades, and the British the area of Regoufe, two mountainous village 5 kilometres from each other. Almost 70 years later we have found a film shot in 1942 by a member of the Portuguese Para-military police (GNR). The film was inherited by his grandson " and we managed to work with him and produce this film about the Nazi tungsten.

POV: My Perestroika

Red Square Productions (POV/PBS)   |   USA

  • Robin Hessman, Rachel Wexler
  • Robin Hessman
  • Robin Hessman, Kristina Shelenkova
  • Russian State Film Archives at Krasnogorsk, Gosteleradiofond, The Russian Central Studio for Documentary Film, ITN Source/Reuters, Private Collections

My Perestroika follows five ordinary Russians living in extraordinary times from their sheltered Soviet childhood, to the collapse of the Soviet Union during their teenage years, to the constantly shifting political landscape of post-Soviet Russia. Using a wealth of footage rarely seen outside of Russia including home movies from the USSR in the 1970s and 80s the film combines an intimate view of the past with the contemporary lives of these former schoolmates, painting a complex picture of the dreams and disillusionment of those raised behind the Iron Curtain.

Archival footage is key to the meaning of My Perestroika. I spent years scouring Russian archives for footage which brings to life the experiences of the last generation of Soviet children raised behind the Iron Curtain. Their childhood is portrayed via official state footage, and juxtaposed with personal 8mm home movies from the 1970s and 1980s in the USSR, presenting an intimate window on to the "personal" as well as the "political." The archival images, interwoven with contemporary footage, illustrate the stories of the subjects, and create new layers of meaning about the relationship between Russia's present and its past.

The Boy Who Was a King

AGITPROP   |   Bulgaria

  • Martichka Bozhilova
  • Thomas Kufus
  • Andrey Paounov
  • BBC Motion Gallery, NDR, Bulgarian National Film Archive, RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana, Charlie Rose Show

Past haunts present, fact meets fiction and myth rivals reality to tell the fascinating story of Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, from his exile as a boy-king through his glorious return as a republican politician to his fall from grace in one of the greatest experiments of democracy today.

Terrific archival footage used to tell the remarkable life story of the former Bulgarian boy-king-turned-PM.

The Loving Story

Augusta Films   |   USA

  • Nancy Buirski, Elisabeth Haviland James
  • Nancy Buirski
  • Lewanne Jones, Polly Pettit
  • ABC News Videosource, NBC Archives, FILM Archives, CBS/Thought Equity Motion, UCLA Film Archives

A racially-charged criminal trial and heart-rending love story converge in this documentary about Mildred and Richard Loving, a black woman married to a white man against the law in 1950's Virginia. Thrown into rat-infested jails and exiled from their home for 25 years, the Lovings fought back and changed history. They were paired with two young lawyers driven to pave the way for equal rights through a historic Supreme Court case, Loving v. Virginia. Told through luminous cinema verite footage and rare photos, this film takes us on a journey into the heart of race relations in America.

We are fortunate to have discovered the work of Hope Ryden, a producer who had the foresight to document the Lovings at a time when few realized the importance of their story. Shot in 16 mm cinema verite style, the footage places us as observers in their home, lawyer's offices, '60s diners and courthouses. By allowing the footage to play out in extended scenes, we have invited viewers back in time and place. Paired with rare period photographs and other archival footage, we have created a fully immersive experience and, as result, heightened the empathy for our subjects.

Timeshift: All the Fun of the Fair

BBC   |   UK

  • Francis Welch
  • Frank Spink, James Harrison
  • National Fairground Archive, BBC Motion Gallery, Critical Past, Footage Farm, BFI

Timeshift explores rarely seen images from the University of Sheffield's National Fairground Archive to ride back to the origins of the Fairground. From the sideshows to the freak shows, early hand powered rides to the arrival of steam and electricity, the story of Fairs is the tale of one of our first forms of popular entertainment. 'All the Fun of the Fair' shows how Fairgrounds often provided the only entertainment to rapidly expanding industrial towns. It looks at how, from the 50s, the Fairground was the site of youth rebellion and why we are still entranced by these travelling carnivals that arrive overnight and then vanish just as mysteriously.

For "All the Fun of the Fair" Timeshift colloborated with the University of Sheffield's National Fairground Archive led by Professor Vanessa Toulmin, who acted as a consultant on the film. Working closely with Professor Toulmin, Timeshift was able to access rarely seen archive footage from the NFA, including films from the private collections of members of the fairground community. These included the Shufflebottom family who ran Wild West Shows on British fairgrounds for over fifty years. "All the Fun of the Fair" also featured films by Mitchell & Kenyon of the Edwardian fairground and the BBC's own unique documentary archive chronicling the British fair at its peak in the 1950s and 60s.

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Sue Malden Keynote - FOCAL International Awards 2012


Special Award to the Footage Research Team of SENNA. Archive Producer: Paul Bell plus Florence de Bonnaventure, Antonio Venancio, Miyuki Tokoi