Farewell Comrades! Interactive www.farewellcomrades.com/en/

Artline Films (France) Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion (Germany)

Farewell Comrades! Interactive is an immersive and highly emotional documentary web-format about the last 15 years of the Soviet Union, leading into personal stories about friendship, passion, rebellion and belief behind the well known political facts related to the collapse of the USSR. The user is introduced to personal stories and fates through open "letters"- real postcards, written in the former Eastern Bloc between 1975 and 1991. The postcards unlock the stories of our 30 protagonists. They are linked to the archive footage of the main historical events, facts and movements of the last years of the Soviet Union. The daily life of the is depicted trough a vast selection of archive footage (video, stills, audio) from several sources, RGAKFD, TVP, Äesk TV, RTS, TVR, among others. Original postcards are the connecting element between all media and the core of the artistic concept, as they convey both individual and collective memories. Combining official archive images from TV stations, military audiovisual services, Soviet propaganda images and private archives of ordinary people (photos, letters, and personal belongings), FCI offers to the viewer a fresh look on the last years of the Soviet Empire.