Entertaining The Troops

BBC Entertainment   |   UK

During World War Two an army of performers from ballerinas to magicians, contortionists to impressionists, set out to help win the war by entertaining the troops far and wide. Risking their lives they ventured into war zones, dodging explosions and performing close to enemy lines. Featuring the memories of this intrepid band of entertainers and with contributions from Dame Vera Lynn, Eric Sykes and Tony Benn, this documentary tells the remarkable story of the World War Two performers and hears the memories of some of those troops who were entertained during the dark days of war. This story of wartime entertainment presented a challenge in a number of respects. Most particularly, how can you illustrate the personal with the universal? Rory's sharp eye for the right shot, combined with an editorial grasp of the programme, gave the programme a fluent immediacy which reached into the heart.