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The FOCAL International Awards 2013

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On the Night...

L-R: Nora Mehenni, Amanda Dantas-FOCAL International, Sara Tonkin

Paul Sargent-Lifetime Achievement Award Winner and Sue Malden-Chair of FOCAL International

FOCAL's Anne Johnson (L) and Event OrganiserJulie Lewis (R) with host Dan Snow

Dan Snow

Ronny Temme

L-R:Paul Collard-Deluxe, Maggie Agard-MPL, Mark Bonnici-Deluxe

L-R: Filip Firlej, Bhirel Patel, Robin James and Linda Reeve from BBC Motion Gallery

L-R: Alex Henwood, Elliott Rootsey, Jane Foster and Gordon Craig from Fremantle Media Archive

L-R: Julie Lewis, Pam Fisher, Claudine Tordjeman and Anne Johnson

L: Jon Robertson-Masters of Cinema

R: Davide Pozzi-L'Immagine Ritrovata

Lifetime Achievement Award decanter

L-R: Matt Reynolds, Raelene Rawlings and Nic Peters from Sky News

L-R: Gerry Lewis, Martin Rogers-Prime Focus, Fiona Maxwell-BFI

L-R: Jo Griffin, Gerry Gedge, Alexa, Chris Fossey from Prime Focus

L-R: Mark Bonnici-Deluxe and Jon Robertson-Masters of Cinema

L-R: Mick McKenna and Phil Davey from Munro Sounds

L-R:Clive Hodge-BBC SPP, Rod Carter-BBC Worldwide, Jackie Walton-BBC Worldwide, James Hurrell-BBC Worldwide, Sonia Hunt-BBC SPP, Scott Bayliss-BBC SPP

L-R: Jonathan Wood-BBC Studios and Post Production, Fiona Maxwell-BFI, Kevin Shaw-BBC Studios and Post Production

L-R: Martin Rogers-Prime Focus, Vicki Turner and James Kearney Framepool

L-R: Ben Thompson, Corinna Reicher-IWM and Melanie Carman-IWM

Jo Chiles and Alan Bradshaw-AP Archive

Raphael Spagnolo, Anne Seymour from AP Archive

L-R: Kate Orchard, Nicola Corbett, Matt Butson from Getty Images

R: Obi Adumekwe-AP Archive

L-R: James Kearney-Framepool, Vicki Turner-Framepool and James Smith

Jane Fish, Paul Sargent, Corinna Reicher and Melanie Carman from IWM Film Archive

L-R: Jackie Walton-BBC Worldwide, Scott Bayliss-BBC SPP and James Hurrell-BBC Worldwide

L-R: Alwyn Lindsey and Luke Smedley from AP Archive

L-R: Elisabeth Quesseveur, Anne Seymour, Raphael Spagnolo from AP Archive

L-R: John Rosling, Victoria Speigelberg, James Hoyle from British Pathe

L-R: Rod Carter-BBC Worldwide, Clive Hodge-BBC Studios and Post Production

R: Sonia Hunt-BBC Studios and Post Production

Rosie Wilson and Chris Ratcliffe from Bloomberg LP

L-R: Jack Bridger-Journeyman, Edward Caffrey-Journeyman, Genevieve South-ESPN and Karin Lindstroem-ESPN

Ronny Temme, Simona Monizza and Elif Rogen-Kaynakci from EYE Film Institute Netherland

L-R: Mark Atkin and Tom Gatis from Crossover

Tim Jordan and Francis Welch from BBC Bristol

L-R: Janice Simpson, Grover Crisp-Sony Pictures Entertainment, Debbie Chernoff-MTI Film, Larry Chernoff-MTI Film

L-R: Olly Jennings, Flora Watters from Clips and Footage

L-R: Mark Hands-Heart and Greg Richards from Input Media

R: Jane Foster-Fremantle

L-R: Corky Balch-All Rights Clearance, Nic Peters-Sky News, Mike Aplin-Getty Images

Kim Fleming-Getty Images, Paul Davies-Getty Images and Paul Bell

Colm Bairead and Cleona Ni Chrualaoi from Colm Bairead Ltd/Midas Productions

L-R: Bjorn Lantz-Digital Vision and Allegra Grevelius-Nobel Media Archive

L-R:Elizabeth Klink and Susan Huxley

Elspeth Domville and Bill Cobban

L-R: Amanda Huntley and Robert Dewar from Huntley Film Archive, Chris Barwick-BBC Motion Gallery, Veronique Foucault-AP Archive

L-R: Gerry Weinbren-Index Stockshots, Serena Sharp-Kinolibrary, Jenny Hammerton-AP Archive and Jenny Coan-Kinolibrary

L-R: Nora Mehenni and Tamara Lorenzo-Getty Images

L-R: Rory Sheehan-BBC, Peter Elphick

L-R: Justin Hardy-Hardy Pictures, Sofia Lennquist-Getty Images, Nicola Corbett-Getty Images

R: Jenny Hammerton-AP Archive

L-R: Christopher Mitchell-OR Media, Alan Bradshaw-AP Archive

L-R: Charles Fairall-BFI, Douglas Weir-BFI and Mark Bonnici-Deluxe

Middle: Dawn Egerton-Bubble and Squeak

L-R: Monika Kiedrowska and Ebba Eriksson from Videoplugger

L-R: Paul McAllister-Screenocean, Val Evans, Belinda Harris-Two Four

L-R: Mitzi Berberi, Anne-Marie Pardoe and Kate Miller from Zodiak Rights

L-R: Anne Johnson-FOCAL International, Jerry Kuehl and Adel Kuehl

L-R: Rupinder Gataroa-Zodiak Rights, David O'Hare-Zodiak Clips and Dominique Strouthous-Zodiak Clips

L-R: Adrian Wootton-Film London and Anthony Wall-BBC

L-R: Dan Snow, Taylor Downing-Flashback Television and Paul Sargent

Jerry Kuehl and Julie Lewis-FOCAL International

L-R:Mark Hands-Heart-Input Media, Heidi Sheakespeare-Bonded Services and Greg Richards-Input Media

L-R: Josh Rucci and Chris Ratcliffe from Bloomberg LP

L-R: Nic Peters-Sky News, Mark Atkin and Tom Gatis from Crossover

L-R: Mick McKenna and Phil Davey from Munro Sounds

L-R: Gregg Holland-Digital Video, Kevin Shaw-BBC Studios and Post Production

L-R: Clive Hodge and Kevin Shaw from BBC Studios and Post Production

Middle: Matt Reynolds-Sky News

L-R: Edward Caffrey and Jack Bridger from Journeyman Pictures and Elizabeth Klink

L-R: Cath Pick-Zodiak Clips, Damian Keogh-Skyworks and Dominique Strouthous-Zodiak Clips

L-R: Anne Johnson-FOCAL International, Simon Marbrook-Premier

Simon Marbrook-Premier

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