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The FOCAL International Awards 2013

We recommend that initially you fill in the details in this first section below then, after you have chosen the category, check everything else that is required before you proceed. You should prepare and save your text in a Word file in advance so that if, in the unlikely event, there is a problem with the system, you have not lost all your data and can try again. NB: FOR THOSE PRODUCTION CATEGORIES WHERE A £75+VAT SUBMISSIONS FEE IS REQUIRED - IF YOU ARE MAKING A CREDIT CARD PAYMENT FROM OUTSIDE THE UK, YOU SHOULD MAKE SURE THAT YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY ALLOWS OVERSEAS PAYMENTS FROM YOUR ACCOUNT. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE, WE ADVISE THAT YOU CHOOSE THE 'PAY BY INVOICE' OPTION OR ELSE THE SYSTEM MIGHT REJECT YOUR SUBMISSION AND YOU HAVE TO START AGAIN!
We only take VISA or MASTERCARD.
If you choose to pay by invoice please ensure it is settled promptly before we can forward your submission to the jury.

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On the Night...

L-R: Nora Mehenni, Amanda Dantas-FOCAL International, Sara Tonkin

Paul Sargent-Lifetime Achievement Award Winner and Sue Malden-Chair of FOCAL International

FOCAL's Anne Johnson (L) and Event OrganiserJulie Lewis (R) with host Dan Snow

Dan Snow

Ronny Temme

L-R:Paul Collard-Deluxe, Maggie Agard-MPL, Mark Bonnici-Deluxe

L-R: Filip Firlej, Bhirel Patel, Robin James and Linda Reeve from BBC Motion Gallery

L-R: Alex Henwood, Elliott Rootsey, Jane Foster and Gordon Craig from Fremantle Media Archive

L-R: Julie Lewis, Pam Fisher, Claudine Tordjeman and Anne Johnson

L: Jon Robertson-Masters of Cinema

R: Davide Pozzi-L'Immagine Ritrovata

Lifetime Achievement Award decanter

L-R: Matt Reynolds, Raelene Rawlings and Nic Peters from Sky News

L-R: Gerry Lewis, Martin Rogers-Prime Focus, Fiona Maxwell-BFI

L-R: Jo Griffin, Gerry Gedge, Alexa, Chris Fossey from Prime Focus

L-R: Mark Bonnici-Deluxe and Jon Robertson-Masters of Cinema

L-R: Mick McKenna and Phil Davey from Munro Sounds

L-R:Clive Hodge-BBC SPP, Rod Carter-BBC Worldwide, Jackie Walton-BBC Worldwide, James Hurrell-BBC Worldwide, Sonia Hunt-BBC SPP, Scott Bayliss-BBC SPP

L-R: Jonathan Wood-BBC Studios and Post Production, Fiona Maxwell-BFI, Kevin Shaw-BBC Studios and Post Production

L-R: Martin Rogers-Prime Focus, Vicki Turner and James Kearney Framepool

L-R: Ben Thompson, Corinna Reicher-IWM and Melanie Carman-IWM

Jo Chiles and Alan Bradshaw-AP Archive

Raphael Spagnolo, Anne Seymour from AP Archive

L-R: Kate Orchard, Nicola Corbett, Matt Butson from Getty Images

R: Obi Adumekwe-AP Archive

L-R: James Kearney-Framepool, Vicki Turner-Framepool and James Smith

Jane Fish, Paul Sargent, Corinna Reicher and Melanie Carman from IWM Film Archive

L-R: Jackie Walton-BBC Worldwide, Scott Bayliss-BBC SPP and James Hurrell-BBC Worldwide

L-R: Alwyn Lindsey and Luke Smedley from AP Archive

L-R: Elisabeth Quesseveur, Anne Seymour, Raphael Spagnolo from AP Archive

L-R: John Rosling, Victoria Speigelberg, James Hoyle from British Pathe

L-R: Rod Carter-BBC Worldwide, Clive Hodge-BBC Studios and Post Production

R: Sonia Hunt-BBC Studios and Post Production

Rosie Wilson and Chris Ratcliffe from Bloomberg LP

L-R: Jack Bridger-Journeyman, Edward Caffrey-Journeyman, Genevieve South-ESPN and Karin Lindstroem-ESPN

Ronny Temme, Simona Monizza and Elif Rogen-Kaynakci from EYE Film Institute Netherland

L-R: Mark Atkin and Tom Gatis from Crossover

Tim Jordan and Francis Welch from BBC Bristol

L-R: Janice Simpson, Grover Crisp-Sony Pictures Entertainment, Debbie Chernoff-MTI Film, Larry Chernoff-MTI Film

L-R: Olly Jennings, Flora Watters from Clips and Footage

L-R: Mark Hands-Heart and Greg Richards from Input Media

R: Jane Foster-Fremantle

L-R: Corky Balch-All Rights Clearance, Nic Peters-Sky News, Mike Aplin-Getty Images

Kim Fleming-Getty Images, Paul Davies-Getty Images and Paul Bell

Colm Bairead and Cleona Ni Chrualaoi from Colm Bairead Ltd/Midas Productions

L-R: Bjorn Lantz-Digital Vision and Allegra Grevelius-Nobel Media Archive

L-R:Elizabeth Klink and Susan Huxley

Elspeth Domville and Bill Cobban

L-R: Amanda Huntley and Robert Dewar from Huntley Film Archive, Chris Barwick-BBC Motion Gallery, Veronique Foucault-AP Archive

L-R: Gerry Weinbren-Index Stockshots, Serena Sharp-Kinolibrary, Jenny Hammerton-AP Archive and Jenny Coan-Kinolibrary

L-R: Nora Mehenni and Tamara Lorenzo-Getty Images

L-R: Rory Sheehan-BBC, Peter Elphick

L-R: Justin Hardy-Hardy Pictures, Sofia Lennquist-Getty Images, Nicola Corbett-Getty Images

R: Jenny Hammerton-AP Archive

L-R: Christopher Mitchell-OR Media, Alan Bradshaw-AP Archive

L-R: Charles Fairall-BFI, Douglas Weir-BFI and Mark Bonnici-Deluxe

Middle: Dawn Egerton-Bubble and Squeak

L-R: Monika Kiedrowska and Ebba Eriksson from Videoplugger

L-R: Paul McAllister-Screenocean, Val Evans, Belinda Harris-Two Four

L-R: Mitzi Berberi, Anne-Marie Pardoe and Kate Miller from Zodiak Rights

L-R: Anne Johnson-FOCAL International, Jerry Kuehl and Adel Kuehl

L-R: Rupinder Gataroa-Zodiak Rights, David O'Hare-Zodiak Clips and Dominique Strouthous-Zodiak Clips

L-R: Adrian Wootton-Film London and Anthony Wall-BBC

L-R: Dan Snow, Taylor Downing-Flashback Television and Paul Sargent

Jerry Kuehl and Julie Lewis-FOCAL International

L-R:Mark Hands-Heart-Input Media, Heidi Sheakespeare-Bonded Services and Greg Richards-Input Media

L-R: Josh Rucci and Chris Ratcliffe from Bloomberg LP

L-R: Nic Peters-Sky News, Mark Atkin and Tom Gatis from Crossover

L-R: Mick McKenna and Phil Davey from Munro Sounds

L-R: Gregg Holland-Digital Video, Kevin Shaw-BBC Studios and Post Production

L-R: Clive Hodge and Kevin Shaw from BBC Studios and Post Production

Middle: Matt Reynolds-Sky News

L-R: Edward Caffrey and Jack Bridger from Journeyman Pictures and Elizabeth Klink

L-R: Cath Pick-Zodiak Clips, Damian Keogh-Skyworks and Dominique Strouthous-Zodiak Clips

L-R: Anne Johnson-FOCAL International, Simon Marbrook-Premier

Simon Marbrook-Premier

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