Finding the Footprints - A Look Back at Mise Eire (Lorg na gCos - Suil Siar ar Mise Eire)

Colm Bairead Ltd / Midas Productions   |   Ireland

More than fifty years on, the definitive story of Ireland's most famous documentary film, Mise Eire (I Am Ireland) is told through the eyes of its director, George Morrison, key creative personnel behind the production and ordinary Irish people who experienced the film upon its theatrical release in 1960. Lorg na gCos is eminently suitable for consideration in the Focal awards, not only for its careful, intertextual use of archival footage of Ireland over a range of key periods in its 20th century history, but because it is a film that deals fundamentally with the inherent power of archive footage, charting as it does, the complicated creation and cultural impact of Ireland's great archival film, Mise Eire (I Am Ireland).