Booker's Place - A Mississippi Story

Eyepatch Productions   |   USA

In 1965, filmmaker Frank DeFelitta made a documentary for NBC News about the changing times in Mississippi that featured Booker Wright -- an African-American waiter who worked in a 'whites only' restaurant. Booker went on national television and exploded the myth of who he was and his position serving the white community. 46 years later, Frank's son, director Raymond DeFelitta, documents a journey into the past and current day Mississippi with Booker's granddaughter, in search of who Booker Wright was, the intricacies surrounding his courageous life and untimely murder, and the role Frank DeFelitta's documentary may have played in it. We were recommended to submit by Clara Fon-Sing, VP/GM of NBCU Archives. We were also nominated for an IDA ABC News Video Source Award for best use of news footage in a feature documentary winner TBD 12/07/12.