Ukraine - From Democracy to Chaos

Les Films Grain de Sable   |   France

In 2012 Yulia Tymoshenko, muse of the Orange Revolution and former prime minister is jailed for 7 years. Such is the fate of Ukraine. To the west of Russia, Ukraine is already a democracy in the 17th century, Obsessed with these rebels Stalin eliminates 7 million in a state genocide. After Independence pro-Russian President Leonid Kuchma brings repression, corruption and murder. Revolt grumbles and In 2004 the Orange Revolution for democracy overthrows him. But, Its leaders fail to implement their promises and five years later under former criminal, President Yanukovych, Ukraine becomes a 'bandit state'. The regime forcibly takes over small businesses, its oligarchs control all the country's wealth, the Russian language is imposed... Omnipresent, Putin's Russia is back in the game. For Yanukovych to remain in power, Yulia must 'die or rot' in prison: A tragedy and comedy of errors, combining poisoning, murder, and geopolitics. This country is widely unknown, so is a lot of the footage from Ukrainian sources , (including private footage of the leaders of the Orange revolution and other amateur footage ) In the present political climate, the transport of much of this footage was somewhat hazardous... Typically Ukrainian, apart from the facts, the more recent archives also illustrate the 'colour' of the country and its excentricities, its sense of humour. This is notable, particularly in the film's portrayal of some political characters. Footage also shows the fantastic soviet-type celebrations, the wealth of the oligarchs who control the country. (eg the 2012 European World football championships...), footage of criminal dealings or the people's gift for organizing festivities: all elements which form a theatrical backcloth for the story. The footage clearly underlines how the criminal behavior of the current president is equal only to his ridicule by European standards and his total mis-understanding of democratic functioning.