Attenborough: 60 Years in the Wild

BBC Bristol   |   UK

David Attenborough has witnessed an unparalleled period of change in our planet's history. In three personal films he looks back over the last 60 years, revisiting key places and events in his career including swimming with dolphins and catching a komodo dragon. He recalls the challenges of filming on a seething pile of guano in a bat-cave, standing in the shadow of an erupting volcano as lumps of lava crashed around him and being charged by a group of armed New Guinean tribesmen. He reveals what inspired him to become a conservationist and reviews our changing relationship with the planet. This series uses a wide variety of historical and HD archive to highlight events in David Attenborough's 60 year career, and the people that influenced him. Archive footage is at heart of this series, iconic wildlife sequences and memorable Attenborough performances are carefully crafted with his personal reflections to keep viewers gripped and amazed. The series also showcases rare footage of Prof. Konrad Lorenz, Prof. Stanley Miller, young Attenborough himself, as well as unseen photos from his 1979 mountain gorilla encounter. Care was taken to obtain the highest quality footage and where possible, Super-16mm film was re-telecined to full HD.