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The FOCAL International Awards 2014

Please read the Entry Guidelines first, then the Category details. When you have chosen an appropriate Category that you want to make a submission to, go to the Award Submission Form. On the submission form you select the chosen category and the correct form will appear. Please note that the forms do not retain your information so it is advisable to prepare and save your text in advance in case there is a problem! Also have your purchase order number ready or your credit card ready. We can only take Mastercard or Visa and you should have it cleared for overseas transactions in advance. Good luck!!

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Edward VIII: The Lion King

Tigress Productions   |   UK

  • Sarah Peat
  • Dick Colthurst
  • George Pagliero
  • Jan Faull (BFI), Curt Dalton (Dayton History, Ohio)
  • The Royal Collection(Windsor Castle), Glen Kidston Collection c/o BFI, NCR Archive(Dayton, Ohio), Library of Congress(Washington DC), BFI

This film shows that far from simply being a vacuous dandy, as many historians would have him, the Prince of Wales (later Edward VIII) was deeply concerned with animal welfare, turning his back on big game hunting and instead championing the camera safari. As the remarkable footage - personally shot by the Prince and only recently released by the Palace - shows, the Prince not only spearheaded some of the earliest conservation efforts in colonial Africa, he also played a prominent role in pioneering wildlife film-making.

We telecine'd over 7000 feet of film from three important and untapped sources in the making of this documentary. After more than a year chasing permissions, we cleaned it, corrected the speed, colour and contrast and then built our film around this incredible footage, re-writing history in the process. As far as we can tell this archive film has not been viewed since it was last privately screened by the famous cameramen - Edward, Prince of Wales; Commander Glen Kidston (d.1931); and Frederick Beck Patterson.

Edwardian Insects on Film

Mentorn Media   |   UK

  • Emma Morgan
  • John Holdsworth
  • Beth Lewis (Mentorn Scotland), Jan Faull and Bryony Dixon (BFI)
  • BFI, BBC Natural History Unit, Stills from National Media Museum in Bradford (Science & Society Picture Library), Stills from Talbot's Moving Pictures How They Were Made & Work

Edwardian Insects on film aims to tell the story of some of the earliest attempts to shoot natural history films and find out if a modern day cameraman (presenter Charlie Hamilton James) could recreate one of them - the mesmerizing Acrobatic Fly (1908). It is also a tender and moving biopic about the man who made the original films. His name was Percy Smith - an Edwardian working class amateur naturalist whose obsession with a strange new medium called film arguably made him the first David Attenborough.

From the moment we became aware of Percy Smith's story we felt compelled to bring the work (such as the Acrobatic Fly, The Birth of a Flower and Bertie Bee) of this forgotten pioneer of natural history to a modern television audience. Although he was a sensation of Edwardian cinema, no one had ever made a film on Percy Smith before. The Science Museum, National Media Museum and the BFI agreed to give expert help and support " pushing us towards forgotten documentation, equipment and film archive and helping us to discover films that had never been seen on television before.

Wild Cameramen at Work

BBC Scotland   |   UK

  • Sandy Raffan
  • Bill MacLeod, Jon Morrice
  • Chloe Juyon and Sophia Luzac
  • BBC Natural History Library, STV, British Antarctic Survey, T3Media

Sir David Attenborough narrates this series of 5 programmes about the careers of five of the world's best nature cameramen, who call Scotland home. Inspired by the stunning landscape and wildlife of their homeland, and renowned for their incredible skills in catching the natural world in action, these men reveal their extraordinary adventure stories and secret tricks. Fusing the BBC's stunning natural history archive with specially shot intimate interviews, this series uncovers the challenges, risks and daring of working with wildlife " to reveal how these cameramen are shaping our understanding of the whole natural world: from land and water to ice and air.

We wanted to make a submission to the FOCAL Awards because this series was just so well received. We were overwhelmed by how much our audience enjoyed seeing key parts of the wildlife archive again, carefully woven with new stories and insights from the men who shot the material themselves. The series had incredibly high AI's in the 90s; one programme had the highest AI of all BBC channels that week. Attenborough was delighted to voice the story of his colleagues who he calls the real heroes of natural history programming.

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On the Night...

Dan Snow - host FOCAL International Awards

Dan Snow hosting FOCAL Internatonal Awards Ceremony

The Dream Team organisers - Amanda Dantas, Anne Johnson and Julie Lewis, FOCAL International

Sue Malden and Elizabeth Klinck

Adam Ol'ha and Vladimir Opela winners from Czech Rep

Guests from Deluxe

Amanda from Huntley Film Archives and Gintare from Footage Farm

Guests from IMG Sport Archive

Guests from IMG Sport Archive

Amanda Huntley and Robert, Elisabeth and Jenny from AP Archive

Guests from Zodiak Clips

Guests from Testimony Films

Guests from Deluxe

Guests from IWM and Strike Force

Sue Malden speaking at Awards ceremony

Guests from AP Archive

Guests fro Testimony Films

Guests from AP Archive

Sue Malden, Amanda Huntley, Richard Wright

Dan Snow hosting FOCAL International Awards Ceremony (2)

Guests from Getty Images

Guests from Espresso Education


Rob Lloyd, Kal Dhillon, Rachel Brinton-Matthews


Guests from BBC Studios and Post Production


Guests from BBC Scotland

Guests from Lion TV

Awards stage

Andrew Wright and Tim Emblem English

Veronique Foucault and guest

Anne Seymour and Elisabeth Quessever, AP Archive

Susan Munns and colleague, AP Archive

Chris Fossey, Prime Focus and colleague

Kieron Webb with ladies from IWM

Martin Rogers, Luke Smedley and James Kearney

Guests from Science Photo Library

Rita, Rob and Anne

Guests from INA

Ben Jones and Steve Lake

Guests from BSkyB

Guests from Shutterstock

Guests from BBC Worldwide

Guests from Electric Robin

Andrew Wright and James Norton

Anne Seymour and Ben Cooke

Jane Fish, Corinna Reichner and Kieron Webb

Alison McAllan and Paul Sargent

Paul Collard and Ben Thompson

Filip, Claudine and friends

Declan Smith, Lucy Smee and Elaine Shepherd

Guy Taylor, IMG and colleague

Stephen Kahn and John Smith

Guests from STV

Guests from Erica Starling Productions

Mark Bonnici and colleagues

Guests from Espresso

Guest from Prime Focus plus Luke Smedley, AP Archive

Anne Fleming, Clyde Jeavons and Vladimir Opela

Robert Harding and Karen Walsh

Barry Purkis and Suzanne Gray

Guests from Getty Images

Ben Jones, Science Photo Library and Rachel Brinton Matthews, Bridgeman Footage

Jeremy and Katie from ITN Productions

John Smith and guests

Filip Firlej and Linda Reeve

Shane Warden, IMG and George Bevir, Broadcast Tech

Wayne Lovell and collegue, Fremantlemedia Archive

Filip Firlej, Linda Reeve and Kathy Manners

Guests from the Erica Starling Company

Elspeth Domville, Elizabeth Klinck and Richard Goldthorpe

Robert Harding and Sue Malden

Luke Smedley, James Smith and James Kearney

Vladimir Opela and guests

Dan Snow with guests

Alastair White and guest

Raelene Rawlings and guest

Alwyn Linsey, Luke Smedley and colleague AP Archive

Sue Malden, Rachel Brinton Matthews and Amanda Dantas

?? with guest from INS

Guest from Zodiak

Javier Botero and guests

Claudine Tordjeman and guest

James Smith, Alison Mercer and guest

Guests from Strike Force

Jenny Hammerton and John Rowling


Paul Gardner and Gaelle Ledorguet

Jane Rundle and guests

Dan Snow with Amanda and Jess

Martin Roges, Gintare and Leonidas Liambeys

Wayne Lovell, Fremantlemedia Archive and colleague

Roulette game, post awards party

Ben Jones and Kieron Webb

Lifetime Award on pedestal

Event staging

Dining room

Event stage

Guests dining

Guests dining

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2014 Intro by host Dan Snow at FOCAL International Awards Ceremony