Edwardian Insects on Film

Mentorn Media   |   UK

Edwardian Insects on film aims to tell the story of some of the earliest attempts to shoot natural history films and find out if a modern day cameraman (presenter Charlie Hamilton James) could recreate one of them - the mesmerizing Acrobatic Fly (1908). It is also a tender and moving biopic about the man who made the original films. His name was Percy Smith - an Edwardian working class amateur naturalist whose obsession with a strange new medium called film arguably made him the first David Attenborough. From the moment we became aware of Percy Smith's story we felt compelled to bring the work (such as the Acrobatic Fly, The Birth of a Flower and Bertie Bee) of this forgotten pioneer of natural history to a modern television audience. Although he was a sensation of Edwardian cinema, no one had ever made a film on Percy Smith before. The Science Museum, National Media Museum and the BFI agreed to give expert help and support " pushing us towards forgotten documentation, equipment and film archive and helping us to discover films that had never been seen on television before.