AP Archive


In 2013, AP Archive proved that it continues to be a leading and trailblazing archive that's really in tune with customers. The AP Archive re-vitalized their website with a fresh, crisp and modern look designed to give a simple yet advanced and intuitive user experience which caters for how customers need to work rather than forcing them into new practices. They have new innovative features such as the personal workspace, a tool to share clip-bins/projects with colleagues, where colleagues can share back their comments, a clipping tool to extract specific shots, and then the ability to download the footage in a wide variety of formats. Licences and usage declaration can also be done online. AP has continued to digitize huge amounts of its archive and has enabled the entire British Movietone archive to be available online in broadcast quality. Finally, AP has lost none of its personal touch. Behind AP's website window is the dedicated friendly team. Regardless of the nature of the show being made, the brief is always greeted with a great deal of enthusiasm and a willingness to help. Great care is taken to ensure that the best available archive is supplied, deadlines are met, and there is a willingness to be flexible on prices.