Jenny Hammerton

AP Archive

Jenny Hammerton has been with AP Archive for five years and her commitment to being the Archive Account Manager that producers and researchers love to work with has continued unabated. With an in-depth knowledge of the AP content and being an expert on the British Movietone collection, her ability to interpret and deliver to a client's needs, while patiently introducing them to AP's new website and consistently providing an efficient and timely service is to be applauded. Jenny does this all with such a unique touch and great sense of personal service, topped with a great character, style and sense of humour. ‘No matter what that project is, how big or small, Jenny is enthusiastic about it. This combined with her in-depth knowledge of, not only of her own archive material, but of popular culture too, makes her well equipped to match the needs of the project with appropriate footage. Always prompt, the service I've received from her has never been anything less than the highest standard.' Her passion and authority on certain footage has further been proven by her writings and interviews on television and other media platforms. She really is an unsung hero of the business.