Perspectives: Bruce Forsyth on Sammy Davis Jr

Rain Media Entertainment   |   UK

Sir Bruce Forsyth worked with legendary entertainer Sammy Davis Junior on a TV special in 1980. Now, three decades later, Sir Bruce tells the story of his friend, the boy from Harlem who took to the stage at just three years of age, and went on to overcome racism, prejudice, personal tragedy and adversity to become an American superstar. He came to be regarded as the greatest entertainer of all time, but since his death in 1990, his cultural legacy has been largely overlooked. Sir Bruce aims to put that right. For this film it was important not only to showcase some of Sammy Davis Jr's finest performances, but also present the American socio-political context in which he rose to stardom.For that reason Archive Producer Susan Tiplady used her extensive contacts to access rare footage unseen since its original transmission - a particular moment from the 1960 Democratic Convention, a specific incident on a long-forgotten 1952 variety show. It was crucial that the archive was used sympathetically to evoke the real mood of the period, enhanced by beautiful photography and a presenter who engaged completely with the story and material.