Paisley: A Life

BBC Northern Ireland   |   UK

A documentary on the life of Ian Paisley that charts his journey from rabble-rousing preacher and divisive demagogue to his role in finally delivering political stability to Northern Ireland. The film features interviews with many of those closest to Paisley at crucial junctures in his life and with people who knew Paisley as a young preacher, and discuss Paisley's complex and often contradictory relationship with loyalism. The film is a frank and comprehensive assessment of Paisley's role in the conflict in Northern Ireland, as well as his role in its conclusion, told by those who dealt with Paisley first hand. "Ian Paisley: A Life" was the first major opportunity for the TVCA department in Belfast to test the capacity of the new Cinegy archiving system in handling the requirements for the production of an hour-long, archive-heavy obituary film. The research brief was to locate footage of Ian Paisley and from the events that he was involved in and marry it to a script that would take both a critical and appreciative look at his career, using footage that was not familiar to viewers, but was part of the archive of one of Northern Ireland's most recognisable political figures.