Lucy Smee

AP Archive

Outline the outstanding work carried out by the Nominee named above during the qualifying period: Lucy's traits that make her an outstanding person to work with are her pleasant manner, positive attitude, optimism, and diligence. She is always on the end of the phone and keeps her head cool even when things get very complex and urgent. Lucy's help on two very large productions in the qualifying period, a feature documentary about Lance Armstrong for ABC and Passion Pictures and a feature drama on Lance for Working Title and Studio Canal, used a significant amount of material from AP and their ABC News collections. Complexities around licensing, talent clearances, technical issues and the classic chestnut of finding obscure footage of particular events without all the requisite information were never enough to phase Lucy and she was always on top of things and a reassuring colleague. Reason for submission: Lucy has always given huge dedication and attention to every project I've worked with her on - sometimes to the point of me thinking that I must surely be the only client she has! The fact that she is simultaneously working with many others on equally demanding projects, is astounding. I am grateful to Lucy for all her industrious contributions to the projects I've worked with her on from the large complex and well-resourced projects right down to the small, quick-turnaround projects that require very little archive footage. Nonetheless she always take a really active interest in the project and is never short of novel suggestions to solve problems and source the shots needed.