Guinness: Irrepressible Spirit (advert)

Rogue   |   UK

In this exquisitely crafted and spine-tingling spot we remember Bill McLaren, the legendary commentator whose career was cut short by a diagnosis of TB the day before he was due to play for his country. While that might break lesser men, McClaren found the closest thing to sport whilst incarcerated in a sanitarium: he began commentating on the hospital's ping pong matches over the radio. The footage has a real sense of how much he was loved and revered. It's an inspiring tale of overcoming the odds and making the hand you're dealt with work to your advantage. Footage is central to the success of this film which has been tirelessly and lovingly assembled from a Pandora's box of rare and unseen archive. With the very inventive and innovative use of re-appropriating unusual archive and exclusive access to never seen family pictures we perfectly encapsulate the spirit of Bill whilst emotionally allowing our audience to connect with this great story. In a research period that straddled 4 months the team beautifully blended early archive footage and match day content with stunning family photos brought to life with the clever use of 2.5D parallaxing.