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The FOCAL International Awards 2016



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  • Film London and its London's Screen Archives

  • Sponsored by: Film London and its London's Screen Archives

    Managed by Film London, London's Screen Archives is a unique network of historic film collections working together on a common mission: to bring London's film heritage alive. London is home to some of the country's leading national and specialist moving image archives and a vast range of museums, archives, libraries, educational institutions, community and special focus organisations which hold film and video material as part of their broader collections. Between them, these network members hold London's rich film heritage, from feature films to home movies, with particular strengths in public information films, newsreels, films from industry and business or family films. Individually, these tell personal stories of how life has been lived; collectively, they tell bigger stories of changing neighbourhoods, patterns of work, travel, commerce, leisure and governance. Through our work these fragile and often-neglected films can be seen and enjoyed. Browse over 25,000 titles and view hundreds of films online via our website:
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Arena: Night and Day

BBC   |   UK

  • Anthony Walll
  • Anthony Wall, Alex Jones
  • Andrew Wright, Isobel Goodrich
  • BBC, Apple Corporation Ltd

This year Arena celebrates its 40th anniversary, which makes it the longest running arts documentary strand in the world. To mark the occasion, Arena presents Night and Day, a new film made entirely from Arena's own unique archive. For four decades, Arena has addressed the arts and culture of the world, high and low - from T.S.Eliot to Amy Winehouse. The Arena archive is a treasure trove that provides a history of the last hundred years. Night and Day evokes the one experience common to everything on the planet, the 24 hour cycle from dawn to dusk to dawn again.

Rather than making a 'best of' compilation to mark the anniversary, the decision was made to try and bring the past into the present and make a new film - 24 hours in 90 minutes in 40 years of Arena. It's an evocation, drawn entirely from Arena films, of the inexorable 24 hour cycle of Night and Day, and is a feat of editing and the creative use of archive.

By Sidney Lumet

A Production of Augusta Films and American Masters Pictures in association with RatPac Documentary Films, Steven Spielberg's Righteous Persons Foundation, Matador and Anker Productions, Inc.   |   USA

  • Nancy Buirski, Christopher Donnelly
  • Nancy Buirski
  • Martin Scorsese
  • Jack Kyser, Gina Telaroni, Claire Chandler
  • Warner Brothers, CBS Entertainment, CBS News, Corbis

Executive Producers: Brett Ratner, James Packer, Michael Kantor
Producers: Scott Berrie, Robin Yigit Smith, Joshua Green, Thane Rosenbaum
In Association with: RatPac Documentary Films and Matador

In a never-before-seen interview filmed a few years before his death, Sidney Lumet guides us through his life and work.

Powerfully dramatic and wildly entertaining films such as Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon, 12 Angry Men, and Network, are just part of the canon of one of the most socially conscious directors in the history of cinema. Peabody and Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Nancy Buirski (Afternoon of a Faun, The Loving Story) presents an intimate portrait of Lumet. With his typical candour, humour and grace, he reveals what mattered to him as an artist and a human being.

Imagine: The Ecstasy of Wilko Johnson

Essential Arts Entertainment/Nitrate Film//BBC   |   UK

  • Richard Conway, Andrew Curtis
  • Julien Temple
  • Miriam Walsh
  • Mosfilm Cinema Concern, National Cinema Centre of Armenia, UTV Archive, Fuji Television Network Inc, BBC Information & Archives

The film confronts our worst nightmares of impending death and turns them upside down. It tells the extraordinary story of musician Wilko Johnson, who diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given a few months to live, accepted his fate with uplifting positivity and embarked on a farewell tour, capturing the imagination of the world. But like every good story Wilko's has a fine twist. Two years later, confounding the odds, Wilko wakes up in a hospital bed, unexpectedly sentenced to live, having to integrate those enlightened lessons learnt under sentence of death into the unexpected and ongoing future of his life.

This feast of very rare and beautiful clips are used sublimely to illustrate the fears and joys of a man facing his own demise. Death illustrated through cinema. The film includes footage never seen before including archive of Johnny Kid and The Pirates from UTV and wonderful amateur footage of Canvey Island from Richard Morgan and Brian Waterman of the Brandon Estate cine club. The director Jonathan Demme has said of Julien's film that it is a "game changer" in the way it uses archive to illustrate its subject.

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