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Bhirel Wilson

BBC Motion Gallery / Getty Images   |   UK

I would like to nominate Bhirel Wilson (was Patel) from BBC Motion Gallery for footage employee of the year. As an Archive Producer, I have worked with Bhirel on a variety of productions over the years. During this time not only has she shown extreme professionalism but understands all aspects of the archive producing world, from her clients frustration at the ever changing edits, to negotiating the deals throughout the changing times when budgets are getting even lower but more rights are expected from the Commissioners, but more importantly her friendship and sense of fun. Bhirel has the knack of making you feel you are her only customer and she goes well beyond the "call of duty" - on one occasion I was emailing her at 2am in the morning and to my utter shock and surprise she was up and working too…we had a giggle that night saying we both had to get lives, but we still got the work done. Bhirel always pulls out the stops from the research to clearances and mastering stages. Nothing is ever too much for her and everything is done with a smile and a laugh and she always follows everything up. She is highly organized with impeccable attention to detail, which is paramount in the archive world. Bhirel is an absolute pleasure to do business with and knows the BBC and Getty systems inside and out and with the recent changes has made sure that any teething problems, as happens in every changeover, were dealt with at her end and therefore not affecting her clients. My only negative is that it is a shame that she couldn't do all the work with me as she is limited to certain territories…I just wish I could work with her on every project I am employed on that requires BBC footage. So in my opinion Bhirel should definitely be awarded the Footage Employee of the Year.

Nominated by Camilla Wheeler, Archive Producer
Supported by Andy Rossiter, Archive Producer, North One Television

Bhirel's work has been crucial in providing and clearing BBC footage for numerous archive based documentaries, produced by North One Television. This includes the 6 x 1 hour 'Interviews' series for UKTV, which pieces together the lives and careers of some of the country's finest icons of comedy and show business. This was a mammoth project made entirely out of archive material from TV entertainment shows, social history archive and documentaries. The overall quality of the archive was enhanced through the inclusion of some wonderful BBC archive, and were it not for Bhirel's knowledge and ability to map a way through the complex rights issues, then the series would have been so much poorer. It's like having an extra person on our production team at times, so we're all hugely grateful for that. Reason for submission: Bhirel is always very personable and cares about her clients. She will always go the extra distance to get footage cleared and made accessible rather than take the easier option of simply saying 'no'. She continues to be not only a great asset to her employers at Getty Images/BBC Motion Gallery but also crucially to our productions. She's passionate about what she does, is incredibly conscientious, and wants to achieve the same as what we as producers do, that is to get the best archive footage on screen and help make the highest quality archive programmes we can, despite the increasingly tighter confines of budget, red tape, and time. She's been an unsung hero over at BBC Motion Gallery and I believe she thoroughly deserves the recognition for her work for this and previous years.

Paul Davis

Getty Images   |   UK

Paul Davis has worked at Getty Images for 7 years; in his early role guiding and advising contributing film makers and photographers through the submission process, it was soon clear Paul's over-riding passion is People and the creativity of programme production, preferably using lots of Archive. In more recent years Paul has established himself as the most dynamic and commercially minded operator in our industry, elevating Archive's true earning potential as he brokers access deals with the production community at large. Paul prides himself in taking the journey with his clients from the very earliest of conceptual stages to the final offline, at every opportunity promoting and optimising the inclusion of Archive from Getty Images' incredible catalogue. Paul is one of the most successful members of the Getty Images sales team with loyal customers emanating from all corners of the globe, all keen to work with him, in the knowledge they will benefit from the very highest level of service throughout their project. So much of our industry centres on the wonderful friendships and relationships we have built over the years. Paul has an incredible Irish charm, effervescent with passion for every production he works on that makes parting with your Archive budget all the more easier. Paul's many clients very quickly fall under his spell and become firm friends, turning to him at every opportunity to to scope out the potential for Archive in their next project. Paul has worked across a rich repertoire of FOCAL Award winning and celebrated productions, improving the lives of Archive Producers and Researchers as he takes it upon himself to see they get the very best experience and service when surfacing Archive from Getty Images. Examples of productions Paul has worked on include Soul Boys of the Western World, Video Killed The Radio Star, Amy, Animal Fight Night, Secrets of The Bible, to name but a few.

Nominated by: Chris Prior, Senior Director, Getty Images.
Supported by Kate Griffiths, Clearance Matters:

Paul is the first person I call when I get a project in. Whatever the budget or deadline he'll find a way for us to work together and I know that he'll move heaven and earth to deliver what I need. Wherever he is, he returns my calls and emails promptly or delegates the work to ensure there are no delays. He's always a joy to work with and his enthusiasm for and understanding of my archive requirements is consummate. In the words of Tina Turner, He's Simply The Best!

Tim Emblem-English

BBC Studios and Post Production   |   UK

Who would have forecast in 1981, when Tim Emblem-English made the move from the Meteorological office to the BBC's Television Recording department, he would become one of the UK's finest Archive and Restoration Specialist? Since 1981, Tim has forged a career in archive restoration, sharing his expertise and bringing his measured approach to some of the most important archive restoration projects and film and television productions across the globe. Tim's skill and aptitude, his professionalism and talent are backed up by an understanding that can only come from someone who has embraced and enthused about the vast developments in film and television formats over the past thirty years. Tim has always specialised in film-based work: from grading live film transmissions (as the BBC last ever tele-recording engineer) to his exemplary skills in telecine. He is adept in the handling of both familiar and the less used film formats such at 9.5mm. Despite working with material from the past, Tim welcomes the opportunities modern technology can bring to unlock and restore footage that that would otherwise remain hidden - from the collections of medical and historical institutions to international broadcaster as well as the treasured reels in private collections. He is generous in sharing his knowledge and experience with his colleagues and eager future technicians and in this way, Tim helps to safeguards footage heritage for future generations to enjoy.

Tim has worked to bring archive to the viewer in landmark television series such as the BBC's highly acclaimed 'All Our Working Lives' in the 1980s, film releases such as 2012's London: The Modern Babylon, whilst also ensuring regional, national and international archive collections of importance such those held by the Scottish Screen Archive, the Royal College of Surgeons and international collections from The Hong Kong Film Archive and The Monaco Audiovisual Archives are preserved for the future. It is testament to Tim that he is known by the amateur film maker, the archives and the programme maker and he is always booked months in advance for projects , making it an extra special treat to step into the telecine world of Tim Emblem-English.

In my years as an archive researcher I have been fortunate to travel far and wide in pursuit of great archive footage. Sometimes when found it does not look that great! But a trip to the telecine world of Tim Emblem-English can rectify that in no time at all. Tim is an amazing telecine operator and no job is too little or too great for him. He is a magician and breathes life into even the most fatigued piece of film. His skill and aptitude is backed up by an understanding that only comes from some-one who has embraced and enthused about the vast developments in film and television formats over the past thirty years. I have spent many happy hours with Tim unlocking the delights of old and forgotten treasure for many of the films I have worked on. He telecined all the BBC footage for us on "London - the Modern Babylon" and "David Bowie - Five Years" and numerous other series over the years . He has never been less than totally professional and utterly charming. His dedication to his work, an incredibly important work in our industry is utterly amazing and he would be a worthy recipient of The Focal International Footage Employee of the Year Award.

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