The Nature of Things: Jellyfish Rule!

CBC   |   Canada

Jellyfish are one of earth's most ancient animals, and many scientists predict they will be here long after we're gone. Could these creatures that are 95% water with no brain and no backbone be the planet's ultimate survivors? Join some of the world's foremost jellyfish scientists in uncovering the secrets of jellyfish success. It seems there is a lot more to jellyfish than we ever could have imagined. Jellyfish Rule! is a film that includes a variety of stock footage licensed from (5) commercial stock houses and (14) sources ranging from independent shooters, scientists and fans of jellyfish. It's an excellent example of how extremely rare footage never seen publicly can be uncovered from "not so obvious sources" and used to accurately visualize a featured scientist's story. This documentary successfully reveals unique behavior in the natural world through the use of a variety of stock footage and delivers it seamlessly throughout the edit. A total of 13 minutes of stock footage was licensed in the production of Jellyfish Rule!