Free To Run

Point Prod / Yuzu Productions / Eklektik Productions   |   Switzerland, France, Belgium

Nowadays, millions of people run through the streets of New York, on the mountain trails of Switzerland, in Paris or Sydney, champions rubbing shoulders with unknowns. Yet just 50 years ago, running was an exclusive all-male sport reserved for top athletes competing in the stadium, whose rules were set by antiquated, sexist sporting authorities. How did we get from there to here? Via the stories of pioneering figures like Steve Prefontaine, Fred Lebow, Kathrine Switzer and the creators of the cult magazine Spiridon, FREE TO RUN takes us on an amazing journey, through five decades of the grassroots running movement. The film is made of 60% of archives, most of them very rarely seen. It covers a period from the 60s to today, uses 53 archives sources from 9 different countries, mixes amateur and professional sources, film, photo and video, and has requested 2 full years of complex archive research, facing multiple layers of rights, lost masters or contracts… a real detective work, uncovering some never seen footage like the film of Kathrine Switer during the 1967 Boston Marathon.