Tim Emblem-English

BBC Studios and Post Production   |   UK

NOMINATED by EMMA HAW Who would have forecast in 1981, when Tim Emblem-English made the move from the Meteorological office to the BBC's Television Recording department, he would become one of the UK's finest Archive and Restoration Specialist? Since 1981, Tim has forged a career in archive restoration, sharing his expertise and bringing his measured approach to some of the most important archive restoration projects and film and television productions across the globe. Tim's skill and aptitude, his professionalism and talent are backed up by an understanding that can only come from someone who has embraced and enthused about the vast developments in film and television formats over the past thirty years. Tim has always specialised in film-based work: from grading live film transmissions (as the BBC last ever tele-recording engineer) to his exemplary skills in telecine. He is adept in the handling of both familiar and the less used film formats such at 9.5mm. Despite working with material from the past, Tim welcomes the opportunities modern technology can bring to unlock and restore footage that that would otherwise remain hidden - from the collections of medical and historical institutions to international broadcaster as well as the treasured reels in private collections. He is generous in sharing his knowledge and experience with his colleagues and eager future technicians and in this way, Tim helps to safeguards footage heritage for future generations to enjoy. Tim has worked to bring archive to the viewer in landmark television series such as the BBC's highly acclaimed 'All Our Working Lives' in the 1980s, film releases such as 2012's London: The Modern Babylon, whilst also ensuring regional, national and international archive collections of importance such those held by the Scottish Screen Archive, the Royal College of Surgeons and international collections from The Hong Kong Film Archive and The Monaco Audiovisual Archives are preserved for the future. It is testament to Tim that he is known by the amateur film maker, the archives and the programme maker and he is always booked months in advance for projects , making it an extra special treat to step into the telecine world of Tim Emblem-English. ENDORSED by MIRIAM WALSH In my years as an archive researcher I have been fortunate to travel far and wide in pursuit of great archive footage. Sometimes when found it does not look that great! But a trip to the telecine world of Tim Emblem-English can rectify that in no time at all. Tim is an amazing telecine operator and no job is too little or too great for him. He is a magician and breathes life into even the most fatigued piece of film. His skill and aptitude is backed up by an understanding that only comes from some-one who has embraced and enthused about the vast developments in film and television formats over the past thirty years. I have spent many happy hours with Tim unlocking the delights of old and forgotten treasure for many of the films I have worked on. He telecined all the BBC footage for us on "London - the Modern Babylon" and "David Bowie - Five Years" and numerous other series over the years . He has never been less than totally professional and utterly charming. His dedication to his work, an incredibly important work in our industry is utterly amazing and he would be a worthy recipient of The Focal International Footage Employee of the Year Award.