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The FOCAL International Awards 2017

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On the Night...



Room setup

AP Archive team

Screenocean team

Anne Fleming and Clyde Jeavons

Alastair White and guests

Elizabeth Klinck and guests

The War Show winners

Nina Krstic and Caroline Waterlow

Pam Fisher and Sue Malden

Anne Johnson and Gordon Craig - Fremantle

Pam Fisher, Joan Porter MacIver and Brid Dooley

Michael Aplin - Getty Images, Linda Reeve and Kevin Smalley - Getty Images

Tim Emblem-English, Clare Watson-Film London and guest

Sky News team

1912-1992: 80 Years of Olympic Films Restored winners

Adele, Jerry Kuehl, Serge Viallet and Anne Viallet-Thevenin

Robin James - Getty Images and Les Krantz iFocus Films

Michael Aplin - Getty Images, Chris Hulse - BBC Motion Gallery and Chris Prior - Getty Images

Hardeep Sigh Kohli - host



Adrian Wood - Inkula Media

Kevin Brownlow - Photoplay - Napoleon (winner)

Sir David Attenborough acceptance video for Zoo Quest in Colour

Sue Malden - FOCAL International Chair

Serge Viallet - Lifetime Achievement winner

Elizabeth Klinck, Simon Wood - ITN Source and Richard Goldthorpe - British Pathe

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