When Magic Goes Horribly Wrong

Crackit Productions   |   UK

The less-than-perfect moments that the magicians hoped would vanish away are unearthed in this three hour special. Featuring some of the world of magic's top names including Siegfried & Roy, David Blaine and Paul Daniels whose fails promise to leave you open-mouthed. There are water cell stunts and fire acts gone horribly wrong as well as some excruciatingly bad performances from the most unlikely stars including OJ Simpson. With a 6 week lead-time for research, and a small team consisting of just two Archive Producers Jo Stones & Daniel Kilroy, the pair sourced the world for rare and unseen magic performances gone wrong. Using libraries as diverse as ABC News Source, A&E Networks, Historic Films, Retro Video, Televisa, the BBC & FremantleMedia as well as tapping into footage belonging to the magicians themselves this 3 hour epic, one of the first of its kind on the theme of magic, was both a ratings and critical success (Daily Express Matt Baylis: "[It was] worth staying up until nearly 1am for!"). On it's original transmission, the programme won its the slot over all other channels including ITV & the BBC.