British Pathe


British Pathe 2016 has proven to be a standout year for British Pathe in which the library increased brand awareness, expanded its licensing business, and launched some exciting initiatives. BEST EVER YEAR FOR LICENSING The archive enjoyed a record-breaking year for its core licensing business, contributing to a multitude of excellent documentaries and dramas both in the UK and around the world, including NHK's epic 20th Century project, Netflix's gripping series The Crown, and Ron Howard's theatrical release The Beatles: Eight Days a Week " The Touring Years. Subscription deals adapted to the requirements of each client made an unlimited amount of archive available to BBC News, ITV Regional News, Good Morning Britain, Mediakraft Networks, numerous local museums, national institutions, and UK schools. A new arrangement with the National Trust brought free and unfettered access to the British Pathe archive to every property under their control. NORTH AMERICAN EXPANSION In March, British Pathe terminated its contract with its North American agent after more than two decades of representation, re-establishing the company as the exclusive rights holder for the archive in the region and working directly with North American producers. The fruits of such labours included providing HD content for American Experience: The Great War on PBS. LAUNCH OF BRITISH PATHE TV The most significant innovation of 2016 was the development of BRITISH PATHE TV (, a new online on-demand channel offering an extensive range of archive-based full-length documentaries, interviews, and classic movies. Created as an alternative to the current mainstream broadcast channels, it aims to appeal to specialist audiences such as history buffs, royal watchers, cinema aficionados, and train enthusiasts. Much of the programming contains archive from libraries other than British Pathe, thereby supporting the industry as a whole. Such excellent archive-packed documentaries are also granted a new lease of life beyond their initial television broadcast or DVD release through screening on BRITISH PATHE TV to a worldwide audience. Highlights from the channel include The Story of British Path (a four-part BBC documentary), A Year to Remember (69 x 1 hour compilations of original British Pathe and BBC newsreels), The Queen's Diamond Decades (a 6 x 45 minute definitive history of the reign of Elizabeth II), Wallis Loved & Lost (an original British Pathe-produced documentary), and Edward and George: Two Brothers, One Throne (a 1 x 52 minute archive-based TV documentary). A selection of content from the channel has also been made available as part of a newly-created Amazon Video add-on subscription entitled BRITISH PATHE PRESENTS SECRETS OF CINEMA. This spin-off channel is available for Amazon Prime customers in the United States. NEW PROGRAMMING PRODUCED British Pathe co-produced its own archive-based documentary, Revolution in Colour, charting the entire course of Irish independence from Home Rule to Civil War. This feature-length film, made in association with Zampano Productions and narrated by Downton Abbey's Allen Leech, is available on BRITISH PATHE TV and will be screened at the National Audiovisual Institute in Poland on 3 December. The documentary has also aired in two parts on TV3. It features material from the 1910s colourised to an unparalleled standard. ONLINE PRESENCE INCREASED British Pathe reached out to the wider public, promoting awareness of archive footage via the free-to-use British Pathe website (, which underwent a substantial (and expensive) overhaul of its infrastructure and applications in order to prolong the life of this invaluable resource. The website was also provided with new Press Resources, information and amendments. The company also continued to build up its social media following to 840,000 people across various platforms. This includes the British Pathe YouTube channels, which were provided with new content based around monthly themes suggested by viewers themselves. These channels have received 45,000,000 views during 2016 so far. PRESERVING HERITAGE British Pathe embarked on a major collaboration with the Irish Film Institute in order to restore and preserve key elements of Ireland's filmed heritage in high definition. 133 films from the early twentieth century were removed from the vaults, cleaned and scanned by the archive's partners at TK One. This involved work to remove scratches and other blemishes from the reels.