Eat That Question - Frank Zappa in His Own Words

Les Films Du Poisson, UFA Fiction, ARTE France, SWR / Sony Pictures Classics   |   France / Germany

Eat That Question - Frank Zappa in His Own Words is an intimate encounter with the iconoclastic composer and musician. Rare archival footage reveals a provocative 20th century musical genius whose worldview reverberates into the present day and beyond. Eat That Question is a labour of love produced over eight years. The doc is 100% archival, sourced almost entirely from broadcast vaults and private collections from across Europe, North America and Australia, and features no originally-shot footage or interviews. More than 70 sources were approached, and 40 sources of material were used in the final film. Many of the 16 mm masters were lost or in poor condition, having been often shoddily transferred into various formats over the years. The clearances and rights were challenging and required skilled negotiations in a multitude of countries. It is the first Zappa Family endorsed film to have been made on the iconic performer.