The War Show

Fridthjof Film   |   Denmark

Syrian radio host Obaidah and her friends, join the street protests against the oppressive regime, in 2011. They live together and film as they participate in the demonstrations against President Assad. As the regime's violent response spirals the country into a bloody civil war, their hopes for a better future are tested. Zytoon journeys from her hometown, Zabadani, to the centre of the rebellion, Homs, to northern Syria where she witnesses the rise of extremism. A deeply personal road movie, that captures Syria's fate through the intimate lens of a small circle of friends, whose dreams are turned into nightmares. Most of the film is filmed by the filmmaker and friends, but to really understand their struggle it was important to contrast the channels by which the government controlled media presented the protests against the protests the Syrian people uploaded on Youtube. It was important, to show Caesar archives, to show that the victims aren't just dead bodies but people who used to live such as Obadiah's friends, as well as to show the Syrian refugee crisis by using pictures of rubber boats and masses on the run, but after getting to know people who have taken this journey.