VISUALS: Terence Donovan: Speed of Light Exhibition

Dog and Duck Films   |   UK

Dog and Duck Films was asked by the Photographers Gallery to create a short film to accompany the first major retrospective of the hugely influential British photographer Terence Donovan. With the use of genuinely unseen and unheard archive footage and audio the short film shows Terence at work in his studio in the early 1950s through to one of the last interviews he gave in the 1990s. In his own words he describes his unique approach to the art and craft of photography, in addition (and in a very rare interview) Norman Parkinson assesses his career and contribution to the industry. One of the key elements is footage that James found from a very obscure archive not normally accessible (or even known) to researchers. It has genuinely never been seen before and was transferred to HD only after protracted negotiations. Because the film was shown in the same space as a major photographic retrospective the images had to be unique and distinctive enough to stand out from those on the walls around them, which they do magnificently. We were also determined to find the right audio of Terence, so he could tell his own story. Both the family and the gallery were delighted with the finished film.