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FOCAL secures Skillset Funding to train New Entrants in library technical skills

3 August 2009

FOCAL INTERNATIONAL has been successful in its bid to provide the first SKILLSET funded training programme for NEW ENTRANTS into the world of archive technical work.

The course is due to start in Jan 2010 with calls for participants taking place in late Summer/Autumn this year.  

After some years of lobbying for formal archive training investment, FOCAL International, the footage and content trade association has secured funding for 10 young people to engage and complete a year long course including practical work placements with FOCAL International members.

Skillset has invested over £100,000 in the scheme which will contribute to the creation and running of the course, including recruitment, premises, trainers, mentors, course literature, and an allowance for students whilst on placement. Students will spend 2 weeks in the classroom and then spend 2 blocks of 10 weeks placement with various host FOCAL Int member archives

“The course is designed to attract school leavers to spend nearly one year on the training course which has been designed with our partners FILM LONDON and the University of Hertfordshire,’ commented Sue Malden, Chair of FOCAL International. “This is such an encouraging achievement for our industry and we are most grateful to FOCAL’s footage library and facility house members who have offered work placements.”

The training course has been formulated specifically for keen and committed 18+ students who are interested in a long term career in archives, learning the complex skills required to both preserve audio visual content and to prepare this content in the digitisation process for use across multiple emerging platforms.

FOCAL International has always had a strong commitment to training in all aspects of the archive footage industry, from archive preservation through digital asset management, research and licensing.

For over 10 years FOCAL has run a training week which has been attended by delegates from around the world and for the past 3 years has offered the opportunity of a bursary.

“We see training as an essential means to ensure professionalism and high standards in our industry,” continued Sue Malden, “So, again FOCAL International is inviting applicants for the Jane Mercer Footage Training Bursary. The bursary of up to £1000 is intended to provide assistance to those individuals wishing to further their professional development in the footage industry and its associated areas. Applicants will have to demonstrate that their chosen development programme has a direct association with audio visual footage or archives and so we hope to receive lots of interest.”

The closing date to apply for a Jane Mercer Footage Training Bursary is 31 August 2009. For more information and an application form:

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