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J. Fred MacDonald's novel The History Shoppe available online and free of charge

1 January 2009

J. Fred MacDonald of MacDonald & Associates in Chicago has just completed a novel which is available online and free of charge. The History Shoppe may be the first interactive internet history adventure. It also may be the first to employ complete archival films within its storyline.

At its core, The History Shoppe is an educational tale in which a teenage boy, Henry Hobbes, learns the meaning and methodology of being a historian. When he encounters an old Greek professor of history, Dr. Petros Papadopoulos, he is swept into the world of the Discipline. This is best accomplished when he is mystically transported into actual vintage films. Each movie experience advances Henry along the path toward understanding the craft and the responsibilities of the historian.

Some of the many films he visits—and which are hyperlinked within the 172 pages of the book—are Darrel Brady’s Guernsey at War which begins as a film about milk cows and up with stunning footage of France and Guernsey in the first weeks of World War II; Millions of Us which was the first pro-labor film produced during the Great Depression; and You Can Beat the Bomb, an optimistic Cold War look at how to survive an atomic bomb attack on your town.

If you have children, young relatives, or friends (especially those who are school teachers) who are fascinated by history—or if you find the subject engaging yourself—you are invited to log on at: and join young Henry Hobbes on his journey. The book and its many links may be downloaded and used as an educational tool. And there is absolutely no cost!

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