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Archiving Tomorrow Final Call for Papers

1 October 2013

Archiving Tomorrow 2013
20-22 November 2013
Manchester United Football Stadium & Media City UK 

******2nd Call for Papers DEADLINE EXTENDED to 25th October 2013******

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About Archiving Tomorrow 2013 Conference


Are you an archivist who wishes to understand more about the current realities of Digital Access and Digital Preservation, Digital Asset Management, Emerging technologies in Archiving, Metadata Systems and Best Practice and The Future - access for who and how.


Or are you a creative media producer, filmmaker, director or editor, who also wishes to be one step ahead of the industry by learning more about the present transitional period from film to digital? What industry wide effects will this have?
What might be considered: practices, access to online archives, access to materials and footage, and what the future holds for the film industry, cinema and archives?


You may be an academic interested in the field of media and archiving and need to adopt your current teaching practices in order to deal with the current transition away from Film - from analogue to digital. Does your research and teaching ensure your students not only know all about the history of the archive, but how to handle this transition?

Conference Scope

Archiving Tomorrow takes an in-depth look at the revolution of film from specialised photochemical film to instant digital imaging. We invite directors, cinematographers, film students, academics, producers, technologists, editors, exhibitors and archivists to learn, discuss, and debate the issues surrounding the film industry. Archiving Tomorrow will consider all aspects of filmmaking, recording, editing, visual effects, colour correction, distribution, archiving and everything in between. At this time of change we investigate the effect of the options now available to film makers, the positive and negative effects they bring and what is possible in the future.

Topics: Transitions from film to digital, The future of film: Relevance of film in cinemas and for the archives, Sharing knowledge of historical media technology, Archiving for the future and archiving future broadcasts, Digitizing: Methods, best practice and innovation, Reaching
concensus: Industry wide standards, Online archive material and access rights, Metadata systems and management, Emerging technologies in archiving, Commercial and business development of archives, Digital asset management, Embedding archiving in production and creation.

Key Contributors

*NEW* Mark Harrison, Controller of Production at the BBC asks Digital Archives - Who Needs Them?

*NEW* Markeda Cole, BUFVC - The British Universities Film and Video Council Title of Talk: Off-air recording in the connected world & BoB National

Sue Malden, Chair of FOCAL International will run a workshop titled Commercialisation of Audiovisual Archives - What are the issues and challenges?

Rachel Baker, Company Director of Frame 24 and formerly of Fujifilm will be part of our panel.

Dr Sian Barber, Lecturer in Film for the School of Creative Arts at Queens University Belfast Panel Chair: Moving image archives: finding, accessing and using content in the digital age.
See draft programme for all panel contributors.

Prof. Vanessa Toulmin, Director of the National Fairground Archive and Head of Cultural Engagement at University of Sheffield Title of talk: No Fixed Abode - the Story of the National Fairground Archive and Archiving the Transitory and Ephemeral

Pam Fisher, Research & Development Manager & Karena Smith, Archive Consultant at BAFTA will run a specialist workshop on Cloud Computing

Heather Powell, Head of Metadata at ITV will tell the ITV Story from the 1950's right through to 2015.

Exclusive screening of Keanu Reeves documentary, Side By Side at Media City with a live Q&A session via video link with the director of the film Christopher Keneally and producer Justin Szlasa.

Submission of Papers

Full Track papers (8-12 pages) submitted for the conference will be peer-reviewed and if accepted included in the proceedings published in KES Transactions on Film and Television Archiving. Authors give the publisher the right to publish the paper, but apart from this, keep rights to the paper themselves.

Short Track papers in the form of an abstract (1-4 pages) may be submitted for presentation without inclusion in the proceedings.

See the website for more details.

Submission of Papers deadline: ***25 October 2013*** Early bird registration rates will rise on the 25th of October 2013.
Please register before this date to secure the lower rate!
Conference : 20-22 November 2013

Further Information

Please note the above details are preliminary and may change. Further details for all of the above are available online via the website at the top of the page. You can also follow @Archiving2mro on Twitter for updates.

Archiving Tomorrow 2013 is organised and managed by KES International . All rights reserved by KES International.