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29 October 2013

UNESCO Audiovisual Archive Day 27 October.
The theme for 2013 - "Saving Our Heritage for the Next Generation."

As many will be aware, Sunday 27th October 2013 marked the UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage – the day when archives around the world join together to celebrate audiovisual collections and the organisations working to protect, preserve and provide access to them.

Inspiring a new generation of filmmakers to love footage!

As ever FOCAL International has endorsed this year's theme, "Saving Our Heritage for the Next Generation", with an archive based programme pitching competition aimed at new, up and coming documentary makers, including students and start up individuals new to archive use and production. Executives at production company Spring Films have been evaluating many excellent pitches and those considered the best will be invited to the next round of the competition. The victor will win a slew of ‘free’ footage from Getty Images and facility hours from Prime Focus to enable the pitch to be presented to Broadcasters.

‘We are indebted to Richard Melman, Managing Director Spring Films, for his time and expertise in getting this initiative off the ground,’ said Chair Sue Malden. ‘It is important to encourage aspiring students and start-up documentary filmmakers to think about using archive footage and to help get their ideas formulated into a viable pitch to broadcasters.’
The finalists will be announced in coming weeks.

The best library show reel

The Best FOCAL International Member’s Library Showreel Competition has also produced significant results. Of the many excellent library showreels featured on the FOCAL International Footage & Content Directory , the three clear finalists were Framepool, IMG Media and Bridgeman Footage with Framepool winning by a slim margin. Their winning Showreel is being featured on the FOCAL website and Framepool will receive a prize of 2 free tickets to the FOCAL International Awards Gala Ceremony 30th April 2014.


International celebration

Many other archives marked the UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage. For example in the UK the Film Archives UK (FAUK)  launched its new website, and in the coming year will be encouraging more individuals and institutions to join FA UK – a network of industry professionals, archivists, conservators, scholars and associated organisations plus individuals interested in and committed to the work and development of the UK’s public sector film archives delivering public benefit.

In Catalonia the Girona City Council, through the Centre for Image Research and Diffusion (CRDI) and the Cinema Museum, organized three activities to celebrate the 2013 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage:

The international association of sound and visual archive associations (CCAAA) is collating information about these archive celebrations worldwide on