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Getty Images represents John Downer footage

12 August 2014

Award-winning John Downer content is now available to license through Getty Images.

John Downer’s wildlife films are driven by his personal desire to break into the world of animals and capture moments from unique points of view. Through the use of immersive filmmaking techniques, like spy cameras, John Downer and his team bring the viewer up close and personal with the animals he portrays and reveals the world and lives of them as never seen before. He was responsible for the ground-breaking series “Supersense.” More recently he produced the BBC series “Earthflight”, using cameras that could fly in formation with birds. He also created the hugely successful Spy series of animal films. This started with “Lion – Spy in the Den”, which introduced the now famous ‘Bouldercam’, a mobile rock containing a camera, but now has featured nine different subjects, including the recent global hits, “Penguins – Spy in the Huddle” and “Dolphins – Spy in the Pod”. These later programmes featured the revolutionary idea of Spy Creatures: animatronic animals that carried cameras into the animal’s world.

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