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Google Looks To Purchase Rights To Miramax Archives

14 December 2010

Google Looks To Purchase Rights To Miramax Archives

By Kelly, on Daemon Movies.

In additional to the $4 billion offer that Google currently has in for, the search engine is now looking to purchase the Miramax Film Archives.

Miramax is currently under Filmyard Holdings, and Filmyard is in the middle of an $60 million acquisition of Miramax with Disney… so once that deal is complete, Google may step in and bid for the film archives.

If the deal goes through, Google looks to gain the rights to over 700 films in the archive. Sources say that Google is looking to the film rights to assist in the effort to make YouTube a website for longer content.

It’s not a done deal yet. The Disney-FIlmyard sale isn’t expected to be finished until the end of the year, and until that’s complete no deal with Google will be announced. Google may also have to look out for Netflix the DVD-by-mail company who is also eyeing up Miramax’s archives for themselves.