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FOCAL International is seeking a new GENERAL MANAGER!

1 September 2016


FOCAL International is an international, not for profit, professional trade association, representing commercial film/audiovisual, stills and sound libraries as well as related services of facility houses, professional film researchers, producers and technical consultants working in the industry.
Following the retirement of Anne Johnson, we are now seeking a new GENERAL MANAGER.
The General Manager of FOCAL International is responsible to the Executive Council for the overall management of the organization and is also Company Secretary liaising with Companies’ House.
This role covers the quality and provision of service to all areas of our membership; developing new membership opportunities; fund raising and managing sponsors of the organisation in general and specific events such as the well-known FOCAL International Awards; overall budget management including wages and credit card administration; organising training events, conferences and social networking opportunities; overseeing the quarterly production of the Archive Zones magazine and its advertising; producing a regular email newsletter; representing FOCAL International at a wide range of industry events in the UK and occasionally overseas; supporting the work of the FOCAL committees and managing the FOCAL office and staff.

SALARY: £35,000
BASE: FOCAL International - The Federation of Commercial Audiovisual Libraries;
79 College Road, Harrow HA1 1BD
Tel: +44 (0)20 3178 3535 -

It is hoped that the successful candidate would be able to start end Sept 2016
Please send CV and statement of interest for this position.