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Current TV commissions Shocked Britain series with Konnie Huq

26 November 2010

Current TV commissions Shocked Britain series with Konnie Huq Sky Channel 183 / Virgin Media Channel155

Current TV has commissioned Shocked Britain a week-long documentary series that gets behind the headlines that shook the nation, to air at 9pm every night from 25 to the 31 December. 

Presented by Konnie Huq, the 7 x 60’ series uses exclusive access to ITN Source archive news footage, to uncover the most shocking murders, deaths, crimes, terror attacks, celebrity scandals, disasters and headlines of the modern age.

From devastating terror attacks and horrendous murders to celebrities being caught with their trousers down, Shocked Britain features incredible insight from those who actually present and create the news, along with a wide range of cultural commentators including: Andrew Gilligan, Francis Wheen, Paul Gambachini, Toby Young, Georgina Bailey, Michael Fish, Margaret Beckett MP and Colin Baker among others. 

Shocked Britain is a partnership between Current TV and world-leading news archive ITN Source, who gave Shocked Britain producers unprecedented access to their archive content, furnishing the series with a unique perspective on news events and the changing face of broadcast journalism.   

Current TV’s Director of Content, Lina Prestwood, said: “Shocked Britain will document the news that has shaped our lives. It includes archive footage that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up as you relive the moment you saw the second plane hitting the tower on 9/11; stood frozen to the spot watching the Boxing Day Tsunami, or ran out of fingers counting Tiger’s increasing ‘conquests’. Viewers will remember where they were, who they were with and how they felt during some of the most extraordinary and memorable moments of modern times.” 

Simon Wood, Head of Sales at ITN Source said: “ITN Source are delighted to partner with Current TV on Shocked Britain, a compelling new series which provides the perfect platform for us to demonstrate the full breadth of our content and newsgathering capabilities.” 

Shocked Britain is produced by Tom Barbor-Might at Current TV. The following programmes will broadcast every night between the 25th and 31st of December.

  • Terror Attacks That Shocked Britain,
  • Crimes That Shocked Britain,                                                                   
  • Celebrity Scandals That Shocked Britain,
  • Murders That Shocked Britain                                                                   
  • Deaths That Shocked Britain,
  • Disasters That Shocked Britain,                                                                
  • Headlines That Shocked Britain. 

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Karen Browning at or 07739 986362 or

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About Current TV

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About ITN Source

ITN Source is the footage sales arm of leading news and multimedia content provider, ITN. ITN Source syndicates on-the-day and archive content to a global customer base. Its content spans multiple genres including news, drama, celebrity, environment, music, comedy, wildlife, natural history and film. ITN Source represents archive footage from ITN, Reuters, Fox Movietone, ANI and Channel 9 News, amongst many others.