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New book: Official Legal Guide for Independent Filmmakers

27 August 2010

Michael C. Donaldson (author of Clearance and Copyright) has teamed with his partner Lisa A. Callif on a new book, American Bar Association’s Official Legal Guide for Independent Filmmakers, to be released October 2010.

Independent filmmaking is fraught with potential legal pitfalls: how do you get someone’s life rights? Or protect your script? When you’re actually hiring people, what do cast and crew contracts need to include?

The American Bar Association’s Legal Guide to Independent Filmmaking discusses everything creative professionals and the lawyers who represent them will need to know from script stage through screening—financing, copyright, hiring a staff, distribution deals, etc.—and includes a CD-ROM with all the contracts, employment and nondisclosure agreements, and licensing deals you’ll need. The book also features case studies throughout each stage of the filmmaking process and boxed tips on how best to work with your lawyer.

The Legal Guide to Independent Filmmaking is perfect for both burgeoning artists with an idea, in need of a guide to help get them safely to inception, as well as the entertainment and intellectual property lawyers representing them. Filmmakers and their lawyers will find this book indispensable from the “eureka” moment through opening night.

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