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Summer Footage Networking Event returns to HMS Belfast

1 June 2010

With more sponsors than ever and more guests than ever, it was obviously a popular move to return to HMS Belfast for FOCAL's annual Summer Networking event. The only problem was the cold wind howling down the Thames which made guests wrap up like it was winter rather than mid-summer! Nevertheless, there was plenty of fun to be had, not least because of the wonderful raffle prizes donated by PRIME FOCUS WORLD.

(Above) The Footage Farmers with Martin Rogers, Prime Focus.

(Above) Jenny Coan, Clips & Footage receives the star prize of a laptop from raffle sponsor Martin Rogers, Prime Focus

(Above) L-R Sue Mitchell and Sara Hill, Prime Focus, Will Stephens, Screen Ocean, Lynn Johnson and colleague Zabelo Mbita,, South Africa

(Above) Roger Beck, Digit Content Services (centre) with colleagues

(Above) L-R Paul Sargent (left) with FOCAL's New Entrants Scheme trainees, Andrew Crofts, Eleanor Hill and Chris Scales plus James Barker (right)

(Above) L-R John Rosling, British Pathe, Kevin Ghartey, BBC Motion Gallery, Richard Philpott, Zooid Productions

(Above) BBC Studios and Post Production

(Above) L-R Gordon Craig, Fremantlemedia, Pauliina Hepola and Nicola Corbett, Getty Images, Kev Smalley, Sky News, Jim Faircloth AP Archive

(Above) Christine Thomas, BBC Worldwide, Clive Hodge and Elizabeth Palmer, BBC Studios & Post Production

(Above) Linda Reeve in white with BBC Motion Gallery colleagues

(Above) Gerry Gedge (far right) with Prime Focus collegaues

(Above) Martin Rogers of Prime Focus being thanks by Costanza Gentile of Footage Farm for her electronic raffle prize.

(Above) Elli Baker, Lancaster London Hotel wins a bottle of wine

(Above) Lionel Fynn, Plato Video also wins a bottle of wine

(Above) Raelene McKechnie, Sky News wins a prize

(Above) Tim Kantoch, OSF, wins a digital portable radio

(Above) Raelene McKechnie, Sky News with colleagues plus James Hunt (far right)

(Above) L-R David Atkinson, Anne Johnson & Julie Lewis, Managers of FOCAL International and Martin Rogers, Prime Focus