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Jane Mercer Memorial Lecture: BBC Domesday Project

22 June 2011


The third annual FOCAL International Jane Mercer Memorial Lecture, hosted by the RTS London Centre,  took place on 22 June 2011 at ITV - The London Television Centre.

Did the BBC invent the future in 1986 with its innovative interactive video Domesday Project? The BBC Domesday Project was an interactive video production made as part of the celebrations of the 900th anniversary of the Domesday Book. It was put together with the help of around a million members of the British public and showed what it was like to live in Britain in the 1980s. It was certainly innovative but its cost to buy and rapid changes in technology left it in limbo until the BBC revisited it in 2011. So why did it lie neglected and forgotten until BBC Learning reloaded it for the 25th anniversary? Andy Finney helped founder Peter Armstrong to start the project and then went on to produce some of the disc contents and eventually to reclaim the content for the new millennium. Andy explains and illustrates with clips how the project came about, how it worked and was produced, and what questions it raised for long-term preservation in the digital age. 

Presented by Andy Finney, ATSF and Domesday Project Producer

Andy Finney: The BBC Domesday Project - Jane Mercer Memorial Lecture © FOCAL International 2011


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