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Encouraging Response to FOCAL's Footage Fair in Paris

7 December 2006

Encouraging response to FOCAL's Footage Fair in Paris

A positive response to FOCAL International's first Footage Fair in Paris has meant that plans are already in place to hold a similar event next year.

Around 30 visitors including Archive Producers and Researchers attended at different times during the one day event at the end of November to benefit from face to face meetings with a series of library representatives.

Exhibitors included: AP Archive, INA, LOBSTER, BBC Motion Gallery, Bridgeman Art Library, Film Images (France), Gaumont Pathe, Framepool (France), Skyworks, Gedeon Programmes, Mr Footage Ltd.

TV France International donated a room for the event for which FOCAL was most grateful, but it was evident that a larger venue would be required next time.

If there was one criticism that was heard, it was French visitors being dissapointed that there weren't more libraries exhibiting from other countries. Library managers, please note!