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Tribute to Julia Martin by Alwyn Lindsey

2 April 2008

Julia Martin, AP Archive’s New York-based business development manager died after a short illness.

Born in the UK, Julia relocated to New York in 2000 where she played a major role in spearheading ITN’s expansion in North America. In July 2007, she joined AP Archive’s New York office where she was responsible for building relationships with customers throughout North America. She contracted pneumonia and despite radical treatment and the best care, she was unable to recover. She died peacefully shortly after 8pm EST on April 2nd with her family at her bedside, she was 36.

Head of AP Archive, Alwyn Lindsey said,

“I’ve lost a dear friend and a great colleague. The amount of calls and emails I’ve had today just show how much she was loved by those fortunate enough to have known her.”

Tribute by Alwyn Lindsey

It was with incredible sadness and shock that I heard last night that my dear friend and long-standing colleague, Julia Martin passed away at the age of just 36. Julia was admitted to hospital in New Jersey and diagnosed with pneumonia and her condition deteriorated. She received tremendous care and some radical treatment and we waited on news which varied day by day – some days grim, other days hopeful. Then last night, it was clear that all hope had evaporated and she passed away peacefully with her family at her bedside.

I’ve known Julia for as long as I’ve been in the footage business and she was working on the sales floor at ITN when I arrived there in 1999. She struck me straight away as a warm and fun person who wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. Expansion by ITN in the USA led me to send Julia to the New York office to work with James Jordan and Dominic Dare to grow ITN’s business there. James and Dom were the mavericks looking to do the deals and Julia was the organised one making sure that everything worked as it should and together, the three of them formed a great team and enjoyed some incredible success.

I have great memories of Julia throughout that time and as well as dealing with a bit of business, there was always plenty of room to socialise and have fun. Whenever I picture her, I see her lovely smile and hear her uninhibited infectious laugh.

When I left ITN, I kept in touch with Julia and it was rare for me to travel to New York without seeing her for a drink or have dinner with her. She was just too entertaining to resist and very easy company. The idea of poaching her to come to work at AP was a no-brainer for me and I was delighted when she finally agreed to come.

She fitted into the company very easily and accomplished a lot in a very short time. I know that her close colleagues in New York warmed instantly to her and are devastated by the news. I’m really glad that during the months that she was with AP, I got to go on a week-long sales trip with Julia to LA. The trip was really successful and Julia was in great form with our clients, and in the evenings we just spent ages having hilarious chats and drinking far more than was good for us. It’s a special memory I’ll now cherish.

It’s hard to do justice to Julia’s endless qualities in a few paragraphs, but for me, it comes down to the very simple fact that she was just lovely.

I know that all of us who were privileged to call ourselves her friends and her colleagues are just shattered by the news and our hearts go out to her family.