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FOCAL International Takes Achives into the New World

1 October 2005

The Autumn 2005 issue of Archive Zones included an article entitled “Archives in the new digital world” which summarised a seminar presented by FOCAL International at the Broadcast Production Show in June 2005.

A similar presentation was taken to the FIAT/IFTA World conference 2005 held in New York in September. On this occasion the panel consisted of (from right to left) FOCAL’s Legal Adviser Hubert Best, partner at the international law firm Bird & Bird, Matt White, Executive Vice President of National Geographic Digital Media, and Bennett Lincoff, intellectual property law attorney based in New York.

Hubert Best outlined the current legal and regulatory environment affecting the exploitation of content in digital media. This was followed by Matt White’s presentation of how National Geographic has been quick to establish a new business model. They have identified their target customers as consumers, education and business and are at the forefront of exploiting their library content via all new digital platforms – mobile, broadband and video games.

A secure and reliable source of revenue for footage owners

Bennett Lincoff, whose recent clients include leading mobile content aggregators InfoSpace Mobile, Inc. concluded with a fascinating clear and far sighted talk. He reflected on how the development of a lawful market for digital content on new media platforms has been disappointing for rights holders to date – especially Internet use of music and movies. However, by comparing and contrasting mobile telephone services with the Internet he spelt out how the mobile telephone marketplace offers a secure and reliable source of revenue for footage owners to exploit. (A condensed version of Mr Lincoff's talk will be printed in the winter edition of Archive Zones).

Winner of the FIAT/IFTA Award 2005

It was good to see The Power of Nightmares (BBC) winner of the FOCAL Award for Best Use of Footage in a Current Affairs Production collect another accolade at the FIAT/IFTA Conference. There to receive the Award was the programme's footage researcher Stuart Robertson (below).

The theme of this years's FIAT/IFTA conference was "Opening Up Our Archives" . For more details and papers presented during the 3 day conference please refer to: