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Newsletter - Moving Image Communications

1 November 2004

  • Booker Prize view on the 1980s
  • London one of the best place to live in Europe
  • Wallpaper for your computer screen
  • Booker Prize view on the Thatcher years

Congratulations to Alan Hollinghurst on winning the Booker Prize 2004 for fiction for his novel ‘The Line of Beauty’. The story of Nick Guest and his embroilment in the triumphalist, decadent and ruthless social circles of Thatcher’s 1980s.

The Guardian highlights "...the novel has sufficient breadth to evoke the full social spectrum of 1980s Britain - gay and straight, rich and poor."

If you would like to learn more about the wider political context of the 80s, the TV-am archive (1983-1992) holds a varied selection of impressive resource material for researchers. It provides an extensive record of every aspect of the 1980s, the Thatcher years.

Owing much to the multi-perspective nature of the TV-am formula, the collection offers documentary, intrigue and the plain unusual ! Interviews with the key characters of the decade include Michael Heseltine, Neil Kinnock, Arthur Scargill, Ken Livingstone and of course Margaret Thatcher. Debate over the major issues such as the Miners Strike, Lockerbie, Brighton, the Poll Tax and unemployment. Margaret Thatcher herself appeared on many occasions in TV-am. Highlights include a memorable interview with David Frost, a conversation that turns heated when The Prime Minister is pressed on the sinking of the Argentinian flagship the Belgrano.

If you are looking for slightly easier going material then check out the TV-am in-depth analysis of Margaret Thatcher’s fashion sense!

The TV-am archive is fully searchable using the Moving Image database , or feel free to call us for further information and help with your research.

London one of the best place to live in Europe

Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Communities, recently published the results of their survey, an assessment of the quality of life in European towns and cities.

London, the largest city in Europe with a population of 7.2 million, is also the leafiest capital. One of the reasons that makes London one of the best place to live in Europe is that it has more hours of sunshine than Paris. Also, London is very rich in culture and has low levels of recorded crime.

Moving Image is able to offer an excellent selection of archive and contemporary stock shots of the city. The collections include superb aerial material of the major areas, features and monuments. Also, the British Tourist Authority footage offers dramatic shots from the bustling streets of 1930s London to calming city skylines and the serenity of the slow moving Millennium Wheel.

Archive wallpaper for your computer screen


We would like to add our own congratulations to London by offering you two London wallpaper themes. So, to continue the patriotic feel to this section, here are two of London’s finest monuments depicting its historical past.

You might find them very useful monthly calendars which illustrate images from Moving Image collections.

Don't hesitate to contact us for any further information. We are here to help you!

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