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New Talent Looking for Work - Film & Media Technicians Near the End of NES Course

1 July 2010

Our New Entrants Scheme is now entering its final stage. We have nine film and media trainee technicians who have been through this exceptional scheme. It began in January with an intensive week-long induction of video and film technology training alongside a detailed exposure to the roles and activities in the UK archive sector.

As well as in-depth training these new entrants have spent twenty weeks working with employers and now these new technicians are looking for employment. Is your organisation seeking the skills of a technician who can work confidently with with 16mm or 8mm film, knows an M II tape and can understand when you start talking about the codecs to give the best compression in a viewing copy?

Funded by Skillset, our industry Sector Skills Council, these trainees have been through a structured programme of industry, technical and workplace training. For their work placement each trainee has spent 10 weeks in work-based training with an employer where they acquire the knowledge and operational skills of handling, preservation, storage, and archiving film, video or digital formats. Then following another week long intensive training they have moved on to another employer to spend a further 10 weeks acquiring new skills and knowledge in another part of the sector.

From the employers who have given the scheme considerable support by offering the placements the response has been tremendous:
"…we are extremely pleased with the quality of trainee this scheme has presented…you have sent us the crème de la crème of person, who works well and are a great benefit to our organisation" Paul Collard, VP Ascent Media. And, for John McVie, STV "… (the trainee) had excellent technical skills and was quick to offer solutions to problems. He could be left to complete complex tasks. He was confident in his ability." Andrew Stevens, BBC Motion Gallery felt that "The trainees have been excellent, very keen to learn new skills and develop existing ones"

The nine trainees were identified from among 170 people from across the UK who applied to the scheme and they were selected following an intensive selection process.

They are all highly motivated to work in the sector and each one has a sound understanding of the methods, technologies and preservation issues related to film and digital content. Their caliber has already been judged by the following FOCAL members: Ascent Media, Huntley Archives, Skyworks, AP Archive, BBC Archives, BBC Information and Archives, BBC Motion Gallery, East Anglian Film Archive, STV, Re:fine, the Imperial War Museum, Ulster TV, and the Science Photo Library.

They now wish to develop a successful career in the sector. Is your organisation able to help? Please contact FOCAL for more details and an invite to our Networking event at BAFTA in the evening of September 7th.

Paul Andersen, New Entrant Scheme, Project Manager

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