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FOCAL Award Final Nominations Announced

1 May 2004

On Tuesday 11th May Trevor Phillips, Chair of the Commission for Racial Equality, will present the first ever FOCAL Awards for excellence and achievement in the field of library and archive footage at a ceremony at the London Television Centre.

FOCAL International is the trade body that represents footage libraries and archives around the world, the professional researchers who access them, the facility houses that process and preserve the material and a range of support organisations from IT and copyright law specialists through to Data Assent Management firms.

The Awards that will be presented are in the following categories:

Best Use of Footage in a Factual Production

Best Use of Footage in an Entertainment Production

Best Researcher

Best Content Library

Best Use of Footage in an Advertisement

Best Use of Footage in Electronic Publishing

Best Use of Footage in a Pop Promo

Best Archive Restoration or Preservation Project

Best Post Production Work on an Archive-based Production

Lifetime Achievement Award

Clips are everywhere. Time was that library and archive material was only seen in grainy black and white extracts inserted into rather worthy documentaries usually seen either on BBC2 or late at night on ITV.

Now an evening's television will contain an enormously wide range of clip material from, of course, its use in news and documentary programmes, through quiz shows, sports coverage, commercials, entertainment biographies, arts review programmes, docudramas and political satire shows like Have I Got News and Bremner, Bird & Fortune.

And that's just television. When you add in the moving image material that is out there on DVDs, web sites, CDRoms, corporate videos Ð and now on your 3G mobile Ð it all adds up to a vital and growing industry which provides content for the ever-increasing appetite of the public for audio visual material as part of their every day lives.

This event is FOCAL's first venture into the world of Awards Ceremonies and the response to it has been hugely encouraging.

Despite the presence of library and archive footage in so much of what we see in the media which surrounds us in our daily lives, up to now the footage industry had been poorly recognised and respected. As the representative trade body, FOCAL felt it was time that excellence in this field was acknowledged and rewarded.


To see a list of the 3 finalists in each category click here

If you would like to attend the event please call the office to arrange this.

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