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15 September 2009

The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid) is launching a new online footage library for professionals in the news and creative industry: The new service offers easy online access to the high quality footage of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Visions archives, ready for use in new productions. The 24/7 online service not only makes browsing convenient, easy online payment also allows users to download the desired clips in any current format required. offers an extensive selection of archive material. Typical Dutch themes such as royalty, water and Dutch street scenery are available in abundance, in all current formats. Themes such as Gay Pride, politics and politicians and items on Dutch celebrities are continuously updated and made available for professional use.
Creative professionals is aimed at professionals in the news and creative industry in the Netherlands and abroad. For programme makers, broadcasters, advertising agencies, editors and producers essential Dutch footage is now just a mouse click away.

Michael Spendel, director of the institutes department for broadcast professionals, says: “The archive is the audiovisual treasury of the Netherlands. It makes sense to make these treasures available to the news and creative community worldwide. Our Dutch footage material can be used in all sorts of productions – from documentaries to movies, from instruction films to presentations. Having the service online means it’s easy for users to browse through the archive and order footage on the spot.”

Special service
In case professionals need to find very specific material, the sales department of Sound and Vision can assist them in finding just that one special fragment they have in mind. You can reach our sales departement via e-mail at

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