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APTN: Info Release: Kennedy Anniversary Clipreel Available

1 July 2003

In advance of the 40th anniversary of the assassination of President John F Kennedy APTN Library has compiled key events from Dallas to the Warren Commission.

The highlight of the new clipreel is the Muchmore film, amateur footage of the actual assassination, which has been digitally restored.

Most of the other material comes from UPITN a forerunner of today's video news agencies, and one of the leading news gatherers of its time. It includes:

Lee Harvey Oswald under arrest in Dallas
The aftermath of the shooting, Oswald's arrest and police displaying evidence
Jack Ruby killing Oswald
JFK's body being returned to Washington
Lyndon Johnson's first statement after being sworn in as President
The funerals of JFK, Oswald and Officer Tippet, the policeman allegedly also killed by Oswald.
Jack Ruby and his trial including attorney Melvin Belli, Ruby's club in Dallas and employee comments.
Oswald's family, including his mother, wife and brother.
The Warren Commission, including reconstructions, Oswald's brother appearing and the handing over to President Johnson.
Later investigations including comments from Mark Lane and Jim Garrison, plus the death of potential witness David Ferrie.
"The death of John F Kennedy is a story that still excites interest and passion 40 years later," said APTN Head of Content Development Christopher O'Hearn. "We've tried to put together the best of the material we have in one place so that people can tell the story in their own way."

The clipreel is available to producers and researchers, and will also be promoted to APTN's news clients as a special offer for limited usage covering the anniversary in November.

For details contact APTN Library:
Phone: +44 20 7482 7482