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Digital Vision: Info Release: New Royalty Free Stock Photo Collection

1 June 2003

Energy…Passion…Spirit, with a twist!

Feel free to swerve into Verve - 29 stunning new royalty free image titles from Digital Vision. Commissioned to inject a creative twist to any campaign, this collection is wild and funky, passionate and funny, clever and energetic, cool and very, very hot. From business suits to bathing suits, stolen kisses to stationery cupboards, Verve challenges the ordinary with these vibrant images.

Each exciting Verve CD title comprises 50-100 images, every one taking its inspiration from the naturally stimulating and unusual world around us. Shot on location in countries including Mexico, South Africa, USA, Italy, UK and Argentina, Verve captures the essence of deserts and waterfalls, beaches and glaciers, rainforests and city streets. It offers a fresh perspective on people and places, animals and objects. It confronts the elements and provokes the emotions.

Known throughout the industry for its innovative ventures, Digital Vision dared 28 photographers to flirt with everyday themes such as business, family, animals and travel. The brief was to take these themes and turn them inside out and stretch our perceptions to the limit. That is precisely what each artist did.

Art Director of Verve, Maria Teijeiro, said "This time we have gone a long, long way to find all the different elements that make this collection outstanding. We've gone to the streets of London to cast true 'funky' models, we used people's pets, including some rather unusual ones, we used some of the best ballet dancers in the UK and we've gone to the 'future' for the most surreal images yet.'

Across its 29 titles, Verve offers everything from humour and satire to technical perfection and true artistry. One of the most striking titles within the business portfolio is Max Oppenheim's Office Detail, which somehow succeeds in giving the obligatory stationery cupboard an artistic form. In complete contrast, the dancers of the English National Ballet create awe inspiring images, portraying precision, feeling and strength in Movement. However, for those who simply thrive on others' misfortunes, there is a laugh a minute in My Pet & I which never quite establishes exactly who looks like whom!

Available from 5 June 2003, with single images starting at £69 (+VAT) &endash; and no royalties to pay. For an information pack on Verve or a complimentary catalogue, email your request to, register online at, call Digital Vision on 020 7378 5555 or contact your local distributor for more details.

Press Information: Sam Bruce, PR Executive, Email: Tel: 020 7378 5524.

Digital Vision Ltd, India House, 45 Curlew Street, London, SE1 2ND



Wild World - Tom Brakefield

Take a walk on the wild side with this collection of 100 images. From the king of the jungle to the meekest seal of the frozen north, this CD depicts all manner of creatures from the animal kingdom in their natural environments around the globe.

Wild @ Work - Brendan Byrne

You don't exactly leave your personality at the door when you go to work. This CD of 80 images displays a wry look at life in the office, from the not-so-bored room to the office crush. It's definitely not your typical Business collection.

Team Sports - Brendan Byrne

Mud, sweat, tears, and, of course, cheers. Whether you're looking for action shots on the court, track, pitch, field, or on the water, this collection of 75 images is ultimately a winner.

Super People - Commissioned Series

Looking for a model with an eccentric disposition? Add personality to your campaign with one of 100 comical characters. From the hard-core dominatrix to the rather furry hippy, you're sure to find the perfect pose.

Summer Sun - Brendan Byrne

Work to live. This collection of 100 images shows how to make the most of those two measly weeks of freedom we get every summer. Forget work. Bring on the sunshine, the beach and family adventure.

Men's World - Bloom Productions

From hangin' with the home boyz, to hoops with the little ones, this collection of 100 images shows men of all ages and walks of life in a variety of environments. It also tackles issues most of us face, like debts, wrinkles and the battle of the bulge.

Everyday Heroes - Commissioned Series

This collection of 80 images pays homage all those who make life easier, safer, and more pleasant -- like the courier, the builder, the ambulance driver, the police, and of course, every child's hero: the fireman.

My Pet & I - Michelangelo Gratton

Do people resemble their pets, or do pets resemble their people? The verdict is down to you on this collection of 70 images of man, woman, fur, feathers and scales!

Intimacy - Bill Ling

Is intimacy more than just sex? We think so. This collection of 100 images captures the laughter of the first date, giddiness of that first kiss, the passion of the first night, and the tenderness of knowing someone inside out.

Getaway - Anderson Ross

Escape the constant drone of the city and head for the hills. Whether you're off to the cabin, out in your trailer, or camping, these 80 images capture the essence of the freedom and excitement of finally getting away.

Family Day Out - Commissioned Series

Pack up the kids and head out. Destination: fun. The amusement park, the beach, the park, or wide-open spaces: you'll find all these day trips in this collection of 100 images.

Everyday Health - Commission Series

The health issues that affect us all, no matter what age, sex, shape or size. This CD of 100 images tackles issues from the common cold, and dental hygiene, to that feeling of why on earth did I drink that last night.

Cool Down - Serge Krouglikoff

As the temperatures soar, these hot bodies all have one agenda: to cool off. 70 sizzling images on one CD, shot indoors and out, minimal clothing, lots of water and a cool breeze. Well, you get the picture…

Airport - James Lauritz

The airport: the excitement of that upcoming vacation, the shopping, the waiting, the dragging-your-luggage-for-miles-down-the-concourse, the confusion, the running for the gate. It's all captured on in this collection of 100 images.

Business Space - Rob Melnychuk

Clean lines, stark, bright corridors, modern architecture, and minimalist decor and furniture dominate this collection. In a phrase? Very now. That's what the 100 images on Business Space are all about.

Summer Garden - Commissioned Series

Nothing says summer like a barbeque in the garden with friends and family. This CD captures all the enjoyment we get out of that little patch of green out the back door, from the good times to the nap times…

Streetwise - Neil Marriott

For this series of 100 images, we took to the streets in search of real people, hip people, the trend setters, the cool people. Tattoos, piercings and wild hair-dos abound in an urban, edgy environment.

Remote Access - Javier Pierini

For this collection of 100 images we travelled the world over in search of remote locations, then married them with the most advanced technology. The result? A series of stunning communication themed images.

Party - Commissioned Series

It happens in Cancun, Ibiza, Cape Town, or the Gold Coast. The destination doesn't really matter. The mandate? Simply to have a fantastic time, meet new people and dance up a storm. Party is 75 images of the beach, the booze and the babes.

On the Road - Adam Gault

The beauty of owning a car. The freedom. The independence. The adventure. But it's not all fun and games. These 100 images give a realistic view of the other aspects of hitting the road: like running out of fuel, breaking down and getting utterly lost.

On Campus - Commissioned Series

University means some great times. The friendships, the studying, the lectures, the parties, the studying, the labs, the studying; then graduation. What next? Better get a job, honey. Time to pay back those student loans. 100 educational images on one CD.

New Business - Charlie Edwards

The way we work has changed. There's less emphasis on wearing a suit, and more emphasis on bright, open spaces. This CD of 100 images shows a modern work place of casual young movers and shakers.

Movement - Chris Nash

One hundred visually arresting images of bodies in motion. Shot in conjunction with dancers from the English National Ballet, Movement depicts the human body as nothing less than the most perfect form of art. In a word: stunning.

Liquid - Commissioned Series

Bubbling, splashing, swirling, foaming and fizzing, smooth and rippling surfaces: this series of 100 refreshing images show the liquid movements of water, as well as icy images of it in its frozen state.

Latin Life -Commissioned Series

The spirit and vibrancy of the Latino community is captured in this collection of 100 images. Families, friendships, children, adults, and seniors: vitality with a Latin spin.

Family & Friends - Commissioned Series

Friendship and family bonds are what make life worth living. This collection of 100 images has shots of people from all walks of life enjoying each other's company both in town and out in the sticks.

African American Living - Commissioned Series

Families, friendships, children, adults, and seniors are woven together to create this collection of 100 images, for a view of everyday life in the African American community.

Office Detail - Max Oppenheim

A new perspective on the stationery cupboard, this collection of 50 images will leave you in awe. Clean lines, colourful walls, and lack of clutter frame everyday office items, turning them to artistic forms.

Future Shock - Commissioned Series

Is this the future? You be the judge with this collection of 70 computer-generated images. Bizarre and interesting characters, strange and wonderful scenarios, make this CD something completely out of this world.


Press Information: Sam Bruce, Public Relations,
Tel: 020 7378 5524.

Digital Vision Ltd, India House, 45 Curlew Street, London, SE1 2ND